This awesome striped maxi dress and thoughts on my son’s graduation

kelly nelson


striped long dress

Oh my goodness! For obvious reasons this is my new favorite dress. I Instagrammed this pic with a question asking if it was appropriate to wear to my son’s high school graduation. The overwhelming response was yes! 

My first thought when selecting this dress for graduation, was that people will be distracted by my fabulous dress and not notice my ugly crying face. I mean, I am seriously worried about ugly crying during graduation! (Yes, I tear up at everything from songs at church to leaving cookies in the oven too long.) 

Anyway, as you may know from this post, my son goes to a military school. He didn’t want to go there and it was this whole big thing that also involved a lot of tears. Now, like 2 years later, he is graduating and I cannot believe how awesome the entire experience was for all of us. I mean, I can’t believe it’s over and he was 100% successful there. It’s like I don’t want it to be over. I want him to stay there safe and connected to his brotherhood of cadets. These boys are from all over the world, when will he see them again?   Crying reason #1.

But then of course I want it to be over! I want him to move on to the next stage of life, college, which is completely hard, fun and the crazy best time ever. This means that he is moving to Georgia. I don’t need to elaborate on crying reason #2 here. 

maxi dress with stripes

Then of course, the rest of the crying list is all-about-moi:

  1. If I tell people that I have a kid in college, they know without a doubt that I am OLD. (Anger not crying here).
  2. Everyday that goes by, he becomes more of  a man and I become less important. (Just typing that made me cry.)
  3.  I still worry about him as much now as I did when he was 4 walking through the grocery store parking lot. How can he go to college? He’s going to get lost for sure. I’m pretty sure I should help out the first few days….
  4. Change. It’s a good change, or actually a fabulous, miraculous change, but just when you think you got it all figured out and it’s smooth sailing, everything has to change. (BTW, this is the hardest part of parenting from birth on…)
  5. Then this. My son told me that he thinks he is going to be emotional too. He said the class song makes him cry. { OMG, What? I’ll be laying on the ground sobbing for this one. Good thing the dress is long.}

blue and white stripe dress


maxi dress eliza j

I read a blog post that a mom wrote about graduation. She said as a parent, to avoid crying at graduation, you just need to focus on the future not the past. {Easier said than done since the future is, hello, unknown. Meaning, like, can he really even make it through college?!? } If I sit there hashing that over and over I will be so completely stressed! I believe the general idea of graduation is to feel relief not stress. Jeez. I better bring the entire bottle of Advil.

So with that being said, I will be crying and I will also be stressed. KN better make sure that I am well fed or who knows what kind of situation that could turn into. Thankfully, the one thing I do know for sure, is that I will have the cutest dress and the economy size box of tissues 🙂 



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