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I am head over heels for these velvet booties! Not sure if you noticed but there’s a lot of velvet going on this fall not only in shoes but in bomber jackets, t-shirts and leggings too. I love how velvet goes with denim. (But what doesn’t- I know, I know…)

We took these pictures in Kansas City the weekend before last. We flew in for the night because my son’s JROTC Raider team was competing in Leavenworth. It was great to watch the boys compete against 15 other teams (and come in second place!)

Although we didn’t know it, while we were at the meet we all were attacked by the Kansas Oak mite! I had bites all over my face and neck and couldn’t figure out what it was from. Found out later that all of the kids had the same thing and indeed there is actually a mite situation going on there. {Weird}  

Anyway, more importantly, I shopped velvet booties for you here so you can get a pair too:

Butternut Squash and Black Bean Enchiladas

vegetarian enchiladas

This delicious recipe was recommended to me from my sister. She is apparently more motivated and adventurous about cooking than I have been {as of late}. I opened the email from her and was like grrrrr, pressure to cook something new. So I reply “is it EASY?!  Cause y’all know I stick to an easy…
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Flannel Shirts

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      SHOP MY LOOK HERE: Grey jeans | Flannel shirt | tank top | Boots Everybody loves a cozy, soft flannel shirt. I remember when I was in college I had a pink plaid Ralph Lauren shirt (it may have been a mens’s from the outlet?) that I wore with my acid washed jeans-all…
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Michael Kors Shopping Event Recap

fashion blogger event

      Last Friday night, before we blasted out of town, I was honored to have a Girl’s Night Out shopping event at the Michael Kors store in OakBrook. (Despite the Cubs playing… yes guys, the mall was still open.) The Michael Kors store is a gorgeous, modern space and it was stocked with…
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5 Fall Jackets You Need In Your Closet

fashion blogger

  How was your weekend? Wasn’t it just picture perfect fall weather!? You can thank me because I ordered it up for Parent’s Weekend in Wisconsin. We headed up to my son’s school (Saint John’s Northwestern Military Academy) which is 2 hours from our house. Normally when we visit him, we always come back the…
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    Swing by the Michael Kors store Friday between 6-9! Come check out the just arrived fall collection and also to see me, your favorite fashion blogger! 🙂 See you soon! 

Bordeaux Boots

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  These are the over the knee bordeaux boots I bought at the Nordstrom #nsale way back in July! They’ve just been waiting to make a break out of my closet and into the daylight. I love the color! These boots do come in black and gray, but truth be told most of my boots…
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Easy Apple Crisp

apple crisp

    My first apple recipe this fall is easy, of course! Apple crisp is always a crowd pleaser, at least for the adults (I know the kids just prefer the ice cream.) Not only is it delicious, it’s the perfect thing to make your house smell all warm and welcoming, just like apple pie!…
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Weekend Apple Picking

lace dress

This is the time of the year for weekend apple picking! KN and I thought it was the perfect thing to do on a beautiful fall day. Neither of us had been apple picking before so we really didn’t know how it would work. When you arrive and before they let you into the orchard,…
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Red, white and bicycle

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            This bicycle was in the lobby of the Halcyon hotel, where we were staying, in Denver. When I saw it, I was like, bingo, that goes perfectly with my pants! So we borrowed it and I rode up and down the sidewalk in front of the hotel about 15,000…
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