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How was your weekend? We went from both kids away at camp to both kids getting home on Saturday. The 16 year old flew home from Vermont, he was gone for 3 weeks! That was the longest he’s ever been gone. KN and I drove to Missouri to pick up the 13 year old and his friend. We are such wimps that we drove down Friday night and stayed in St Louis, then got up in the morning and headed to the camp and then home. 

It’s so weird with boys. They don’t really talk about much. They get annoyed when you rapid fire questions at them but they never offer up information freely. It’s like pulling teeth. For example:

me “how was the food at camp?”

son “good”

me “what kind of food did they have?” 

son “um, I don’t know”

me ” seriously?” “what else did you do?”

son ” um, not much”.

me ” didn’t you see a movie?’

son “yep”

me “WHAT MOVIE????”

son “Paper Towns”


me to KN “well I guess we’re all caught up here. I’m going to the mall”


these awesome old doors on an old building in St. Louis!



These pants keep popping up. {Maybe it’s because they are on the top of the pile of jeans jammed in the drawer?} Actually, they are super comfy and stretchy and, hello,  make my legs look really long. 

on the steps at the St Louis library, which used to be the US Post office, which opened in 1865

white flares here, belt (similar) here, wedges here (now on sale), strappy pink heels (similar) here

Oh yeah, I really like this flare business because I also have blue one’s too!

stripe top

blue denim flares here (now on sale) stripe top here

There are 16 days left until school starts, so the way I see it, maybe I could try for one camp fact a day for the next 16 days and then I might have a slight idea of what they actually ate. It’s a start.

Happy Monday! XO


Instagram snaps

topHere’s what I’ve been up to on Instagram. 

What? You aren’t on Instagram? That’s what I thought since you aren’t following me!

In case you step up your social media skills, find me @ Kellyrae_Nelson.

zara top


Top,  Flares (now on sale)


@Bar Siena This is a just-opened bar in west loop, great food and a great space!

Dress (similiar), Shoes


 Anthropologie   (my favorite store!) asked to use this Instagram picture on their website: click here to see it and to buy this dress!

(you may not be able to see it on a phone)


This Instagram picture is on the solangeles website and their Instagram. Click here and here to see it.  It is also on the Anthropologie site, click here to see it! 

(same here, you may not be able to see it on a phone)

Buy the top here, jeans, sandals

Heading out for margaritas tonight, that’s what you’re supposed to drink when it’s 88°, right? Oh, and of course a bucket of chips and a bowl of guac. yum. I love summer. Have a great day! xo




when your husband says “it’s kinda dusty in here”

imagesDon’t worry, KN is still alive and well. 

My response: ” you shouldn’t pick your cleaning lady by her looks. Your cleaning lady sucks! She is inconsistent, unpredictable, expensive, (but has good hair)  and prefers shopping over dusting.”

{I am said cleaning lady}  


I will vacuum, windex everything in sight, clean the potties, do the laundry, change the sheets, water the flowers but this dusting is stupid. It comes right back. And why is it called dusting?? Dusting is when you put dust on, think crop dusting or dusting for fingerprints. It should be called something like cutting the dust, anti-dusting, UN-dusting, collecting the dust (oh wait, maybe I’m already doing that ;), subtracting the dust, dusting off…. but not DUSTING. It’s already there!!  

Somewhere along the line we also thought that dark furniture was a good thing. Like our dresser. I LOVE IT, had to have it. See the drawers? Those neat horizontal lines are also pesky little dust holder shelves. 

Room & Board

I can’t lie about my dusting techniques. Like sometimes I actually use the vacuum to dust. I mean, does anyone else do this? I actually vacuum the coffee table sometimes or these dresser drawers. Or when I am changing the sheets on the bed, after I take the pillow case covers off, I might use it to swipe the night stand. 

I recently bought a new kinda expensive vacuum. I picked a Miele because my previous vacuum was a Miele and it was 15 years old! The way I see it, I should not ever have to buy another vacuum. KN was like “yea, whatever you need to do”  {unsaid words in his brain “hopefully she’ll actually use it”.} It has this really long attachment that you can use to reach hard to reach places like under your bed. I pretty much just use that on everything. Dust is always in hard to reach places, like on the table.


Anyone have kids that make and collect Lego stuff? Yeah, they should change the name to dust collectors. HOW are you supposed to dust this stuff? If you knock off a flag or a wheel, you may as well just have started the house on fire. My son loves Legos. {If you have small children, do not get them started on this Lego business, it’s wrong on so many levels, I mean, besides investing a million dollars in little plastic parts, there is no where to keep them!} We did the Elfa system in my son’s room because the shelves in the basement are full and there was no where left to go with the stuff.  Now the shelves are full. And guess what, there is a layer of dust over all these things. The best part of the Elfa system we chose,  is that the shelves are a light maple color so the dust isn’t as obvious.



The last piece of furniture I ordered was this credenza. Finally I wisened up, hello, and bought a white piece of furniture.  It doesn’t show anything!  It’s like a white car.


If you need me, I’ll be be busy dusting. {see below}






Blueberry season {salad recipe}


Do you only put blueberries in your pancakes or cereal? How about in a salad? I have a recipe for you! I also like to freeze them. We make a shake every morning, after we throw in the kale, carrots and celery, we throw in fruit to make it bearable. Frozen fruit works best and when you freeze your own strawberries and blueberries at peak season, they taste so much better!!!

I bought this 5 pound box of blueberries at the farmer’s market. All I do is rinse and dry them, lay them flat on a jelly roll pan, set it in the freezer until the berries are frozen, take it out and dump the berries in a freezer bag. Easy peasy.





blueberry salad



blueberry lettuce salad
Serves 8
A seasonal salad with unexpected ingredients!

Write a review


For dressing
  1. 2 tsp dijon mustard
  2. 1 tsp honey
  3. 1 small minced shallot
  4. 2 TBS red or raspberry wine vinegar
  5. 1/3 c. olive oil
  6. salt & pepper
  1. 12 c. spring mix or baby spinach lettuces
  2. 1 quart blueberries
  3. 4 ounces feta
  4. 1 cup chopped toasted walnuts or cashews
  1. Stir together dressing ingredients adding olive oil last. Season with salt & pepper.
  2. Mix together the salad ingredients and toss well with the dressing.
  1. (can be made with sweet strawberries too!)
Adapted from food&wine
Adapted from food&wine
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lunatic fringe


I set out to buy a new dress for my anniversary. I tried some on and nothing was making me overwhelmed with happiness. After shopping around I decided that I was hung up on this dress thing and why did I think I needed a dress? Split seconds after this revelation, there were so many more options and I found this skirt and this top and wah lah! 

Then of course, I needed new shoes! I was on a a short leash for time and I just couldn’t find what I wanted. Had to leave the store to get my son from camp and in that process I decided that I really was wanting something fringe in my wardrobe. Little did I know I could kill 2 birds with one stone and get fringe heels!

I love these shoes! It looks like you’re dancing when you walk because the fringe is bouncing around. 

Needless to say, it was a beautiful night. KN and I ate at Chicago Cut Steakhouse . We sat outside along the river and enjoyed watching all the boats and kayakers floating by. 





 {Lunatic fringe is a term used to characterize members of a political or social movement as extremists with eccentric or fanatical views. The term was popularized by Theodore Roosevelt, who wrote in 1913 that, “Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe.” via wiki}

Shop the post here, click on the picture:

Sole Society clutch

Steve Madden fringe heels

BCBG cape top

BCBG tiered skirt




It’s a Match


Since it is our 2 year anniversary this weekend, I thought I would share my love story, how I met my husband. The biggest surprise for people when we share our story is that we met on! Yes, it is true! {This is not a sponsored post, but it should be -Match!}

This is a second marriage for us both, we both were divorced for many years and we both spent time dating. For the most part, dating is dreadful, hurtful, unpredictable and stressful. 

I joined Match and didn’t know if I should cry or laugh until I cried, about the online dating situation.  Either way, there was definitely crying involved. If you don’t know how it works, after you fill out your profile, the website will try and match you up with people. You can message these people online, make a connection and then choose to either meet in person or move on.  Needless to say, there are a few liar, liar pants on fire. 

I went rogue and searched the website on my own. I found “wakeboarder210″, read his profile and messaged him. His profile of what he was looking for was exactly what I was not. His profile said he was looking for someone: 1) with a career 2) no kids or older kids 3) older than myself.  

And there was no response……

After a couple weeks and another drink with a big fat liar, that said he played tennis (which you can’t do when you are almost unable to walk), and was 10 years older than his profile picture,  I messaged “wakeboarder210″ again. 

This is sort of what I said in my message, to the hot guy, whose profile I did not match: “I’m assuming that you did not respond to my first message because you were intimidated and couldn’t believe someone like me was reaching out to you. But, you need to know this about me: I have all my teeth, I have a job, I do not have a cat, I eat meat, my profile picture is current, I have no credit card debt.”

THEN HE RESPONDED!! Said he like my humor and my persistence. {ha ha others would have said desperation}.

kelly_keith_reception_01BWWe messaged a few times, talked on the phone and set up a date at Gibson’s. Now, I usually would have just met for a drink, because you don’t want to get locked into an entire dinner with a stranger who is nothing like he said he was. BUT we met for dinner. And I fell in love. 

We met for dinner again a few days later, and then the next weekend, and were engaged 6 months later. We got married in our backyard on the exact day we met, one year later. 

I swore I would never get married again unless I met someone where I could say there were “no buts” about him. For example, “he has a great job but” or “he is gorgeous but” “he loves me but“….

We have been together every single day for 3 years and there has not been one day, or one second that I said “but“. 

Every day I thank God for blessing me with this man.

I love you with all my heart KN, no buts about it.




  {photographs by John Troxel}

Must have: Kimono

Does this kimono make this outfit or what? These pants are pretty cool as well but this kimono blowing around in the wind, creating a scene, cinches the deal. Got this at a little, unknown store called Anthropologie. I can’t leave that store with out something e’ry time. I’m already thinking of other ways I can wear this: with a dress, belted, with shorts, maybe even with a black bikini.  

woo hoo!



Buy it here:




shoes (similiar)



Blondie bars

Looking for an easy, fun, cute way to serve dessert? These are perfect! I had a dinner party at our house and it just seemed like I should have dessert but I knew I did not want it to be fussy. I was not going to haul out more dishes and silverware at this point in the night. Everything else was fussy! But it is nice to have a little something sweet to finish with.

This is a recipe for blondie bars which you could just make like brownies and leave them in the pan OR sweeten them up with “decorations”.

Any sort of topping could be used from sprinkles to nuts or just frosting. Any type of “stick” will work too: you could use lollipop sticks or wooden skewers, I used paper straws. Also, this is a great recipe to have on hand to adapt to any theme. I made these at Christmas time too with red and green straws and sprinkles.



Blondie bars
Serves 20

Write a review


Prep Time
1 hr

Cook Time
30 min

Prep Time
1 hr

Cook Time
30 min

  1. 2 cups flour
  2. 2 1/2 tsp baking powder
  3. 1/2 tsp salt
  4. 2 cups brown sugar
  5. 3/4 cup softened butter
  6. 1 tsp vanilla
  7. 3 eggs
  8. 1 cup mini marshmallows cut in half
  9. toppings (sprinkles, nuts, mini chocolate chips, coconut etc)
  10. 1 package chocolate or white baking pieces
  11. 32 straws or lollipop sticks
  1. preheat oven to 350°. line a 9x13 with foil, grease the foil.
  2. combine flour, baking powder & salt, set aside.
  3. use an electric mixer and mix brown sugar, butter & vanilla. add eggs, one at a time, mixing well.
  4. beat in flour mixture. stir in marshmallows. spread evenly in pan.
  5. bake about 30 minutes until edges are firm. cool in pan. after cooled, invert onto a cutting board and remove foil.
  6. cut blondies into the desired size (thirty two 3"x1"sticks) (I made mine smaller)
  7. cover & freeze for 30 minutes or until firm.
  8. insert the stick in each piece and layer on a wax paper lined baking sheet.
  9. melt the white pieces or chocolate and dip the blondies in then dip into the sprinkles and place on the cookie sheet for about an hour until set.
  10. store covered in the fridge.
Adapted from Better Homes & Gardens
Adapted from Better Homes & Gardens
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Shop the Nordstrom Sale!

07-09-15-p01-cid0709156287-7-adam-8a3cbcf6-a7ce-4e14-bb85-a4c201541ed4-fil-fileYesterday my mom, my sister, and I hit the Nordstrom pre-sale. Apparently, from the long lines,  a million other people hit the sale as well! It is such a phenomenon. The store is selling things that you still have to pay for, but if you were just passing by you would think that it was almost free. It’s like feeding time at the barn, put the clothes on sale, call it something that makes you feel privileged,  and the peeps come running like cows to the trough, bags and bags of stuff, like you will -never -be -able- to- buy another- thing- ever.

{and I LOVE IT }

What I bought:

1.) coat 2.) jeans 3.) tunic

What I still want:

1.) boots  2.) boots  3.) heels  4.) ring  5.) poncho  6.) sunnies

I know it is a long list of wants. But it is so fun to make lists or I should say “it is so fun to just-browse”! Just like online shopping, it is so fun to put stuff in the cart and fill it up and get your fix and then hurry up and X out before you go find your credit card.

Happy shopping! XO

{don’t worry Nordstrom-I’ll be back!}

An Indiana 4th of July!

The old STARS & STRIPES on this old boat garage
80° & SUNNY! {this is as close as I get to the water, I look, but don’t touch}
Ice cream2

There is something about tradition: family, friends and being on the lake that make the 4th a heartwarming celebration.

There is also something about  small town, corn field, Indiana that is also heartwarming…. a hillbilly carnival, a parade consisting only and entirely of vehicles with sirens, no shortage of tattoos, cigarettes and flag tank tops, a boat parade of  pontoon boats so overloaded with people they appear to be refugees, sinking cardboard boat races,  and random mortar fireworks being shot off by pyros all day long.

The weather was perfect.
What more could you ask for?
{well, …….maybe some online shopping since there are so many 4th of July sales?}

There is still time left, check out these sales:

Bloomingdales’s 20-65% off
Aldo shoes 50%off
Kate Spade
Rebecca Minkoff
Club Monaco
Madewell {my dress above ^ is totally on sale here}
Farfetch Sale {This is such an interesting site, luxury,designer labels from around the world!}

XO, Have a beautiful, restful Sunday.

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