Graffiti Park, Austin

cold shoulder dress Little did we know that this graffiti park, formally named, Hope Outdoor Gallery, is one of Austin’s tourist hot spots! My photographer, also known as KN, was looking for a unique place to take pictures and he came across this place in Castle Hill. We cruised up to it like it was no big thang since it’s kind of in a run down area. But actually it is a tourist attraction for artists, creatives and those wanting to take selfies and {blog pictures}….. Thankfully we took pictures before the crowds arrived. I didn’t need anyone critiquing my awesome poses….   Topshop dress


navy cold shoulder dress


sprayed graffiti walls Here’s the scoop on this graffiti park:

  1. It is actually an “organized” art space, developed by the Hope (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign. (It is still owned by an investment group that had started building condos but went broke. )  
  2. You need approval by the HOPE gallery to spray paint there. 
  3. The art changes daily. While there, we saw how the transformation quickly takes place. Three people on ladders were painting over a large area with roller brushes.
  4. There is a “Recreate” day when they whitewash all of the walls to create a fresh start.

graffiti park austin


cold shoulder dress navy blue With that being said, it’s fun to visit the graffiti park to take blog pictures. However, this doesn’t need to be put at the top of your must see list if you’re ever in Austin, unless you’re into street art. It’s actually not a “park” at all and it’s dirty and dangerous for little kids.

We were only in Austin a couple of days (KN had a meeting) and the weather was picture perfect. We loved being able to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. Lunch was outside at Culinary Drop Out, and since our hotel was basically IN-A-MALL (yessssssss), we shopped for a bit too. KN would say we shopped all day which it wasn’t, but for a guy that gets hives going into any clothing store, he was a trooper for a few hours.

Dinner was at Roaring Fork which had the best blood orange margarita’s ever. {I really need to figure out how to make them.} The hotel we stayed at in the Domain just opened 6 months ago. Archer is a boutique hotel with great service, chic rooms and you can walk to shopping, restaurants, movies, dessert and coffee. It’s only about a 20 minute drive from downtown. I would definitely stay there again.

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