Weekend Apple Picking

apple orchard

lace dress

lace dress

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kelly rae nelson

This is the time of the year for weekend apple picking! KN and I thought it was the perfect thing to do on a beautiful fall day. Neither of us had been apple picking before so we really didn’t know how it would work. When you arrive and before they let you into the orchard, you pay for the size container you want to fill up. There were so many types of apples that I never heard of! I stuck with honey crisp, which is the kind my son Gage prefers.

It’s was so fun! When you find a full tree you can literally fill up your bag in 2 seconds, they practically just fall off.  (I must admit that picking apples goes way faster than strawberry picking, which we did here.) I recommend that you bring along bug spray, there were a ton of mosquitos. Also, I do not recommend wearing sandals since you have to walk through tall wet grass and over smooshed apples on the ground.

 My project this week is to figure out what to do with my fridge full o’ apples. Can you send me some recommendations please? Maybe I’ll make applesauce since it’s easy peasy and maybe some good old fashioned apple crisp, also easy. I don’t make apple pie because of the whole crust fiasco. And I also do not can, because I don’t even know what that is…..

I’ll share what recipe I decided on this week, maybe one of these: apple cheddar waffle paninibutternut and apple harvest soupquinoa apple salad? Stay tuned!

By the way, we picked our apples at Apple Holler in Wisconsin which is just over the border, there is a ton of things for little kids to do there as well!

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