Shopping math

Brown_eye_shadow_paletteI don’t always understand what is happening.

Even at Target…..

I headed out to Target because I needed bananas, lightbulbs and eye shadow (all set on toilet paper right now) and my Target card balance was zero.

This is what one of my current eyeshadows looked like:


Yes, it is Cover Girl. Yes, I liked it. I have Christian Dior eyeshadow that I bought in an extremely weak moment and I seem to be afraid to use it for fear that the CD that is stamped in it will wear off.

Back to Target.

I picked out a 2 new replacement eye shadows.

1)L’oreal 2) Maybelline

Tangent: Why do they put so many colors in one package? I picked these because I only need like 2 colors. There’s no way that I will use all 4 colors, where do you put all of those colors? And why are those little compartments so small? I want 2 colors and I want the little square to be big enough for my finger, because that is usually how I apply it. No, I do not own any $55 eye shadow brushes and yet, my eyelids manage to always have eye shadow on them.

I think I am ready to toss the Cover Girl.


Cruising down the aisle and there is a men’s clearance rack that says extra 20% off with your Cartwheel. (Cartwheel is the Target app). On the rack are a size large Champion hoodie sweatshirt and a grey medium Champion hoodie sweatshirt like this:15580711These are my boys sizes so it was fate that I ran into the clearance rack. The hoodies were $9.98 each, and this price was on the clearance tag on both of the hoodies.  I pulled up my Cartwheel and scanned the bar code and it said “no offers”. Whatevs, sign says extra 20% off, but I’m taking them anyway because that is still a deal.


Now I have only used my Cartwheel 2 times because I always forget, but since I had it out, I stood in the men’s department and scanned everything in my cart. About 4 or 5 things came up with the extra 5 or 10% off. Great! Headed to check out.

This is when the not understanding” happened.

I put the hoodies on the belt and told the cashier that the extra 20% off clearance was not coming up on my Cartwheel. She asked another cashier for help and between the 2 of them and their brilliant math skills, they took $5.00 off each hoodie.

Now, I’m pretty sure, without taking out my calculator, that that is not 20%.

I wish I had a picture of my face, because I’m sure I wasn’t breathing…

$9.98-$5.00 =$4.98  Seriously? LOL

She continued scanning and bagging and I was putting the bags in my cart and I reminded her that I needed her to scan my phone. She said, “yes, at the end.” OK. So I am staring at the computer screen because I want to see my monumental Cartwheel savings….(I mean, 5% off of bananas is like 3 cents). I didn’t see the total change so I asked “did it scan?” And BAM, she starts typing and entering and  typing and entering, then she says “I don’t know if it worked so I just took money off.”

Wait, wha ?

She hands me my receipt and says thank you and says “it’s ok, I took money off”.

Here it is:IMG_5724

Now, I am still not understanding what just happened. So I push my cart away and stop just short of the doors to review my receipt. Yes, the Cartwheel did work on all of the correct items besides the hoodies.

At the bottom of the receipt there are all of these “store coupons” listed. I do not use coupons because that takes pre-planning and none of my shopping is pre-planned unless I am heading to a big sale at the mall.

She just flipping made up store coupons!

The first one was -$.05 because she must of messed up when she was trying to type in -$5.00 off hoodie number one and then -$5.00 off the second. THEN she made up 3 more coupons for a total of $12.00 off!!!



Between my Cartwheel, Red card savings, and the 6 store coupons that she MADE UP, I saved $41.28.

I even like the eyeshadow.

Expect more. Pay less.

4 sandal trends


I’ve been thinking about sandals.

Probably…. maybe….of course…..

because I have the opportunity to wear them, this winter!  Heading to Florida to visit mom and dad at the end of this week, a weekend get away next month for my birthday (KN didn’t tell me where yet) and going on spring break in March.  Woop! This is good stuff.

I did some serious research and these are a few of the trends I see in sandals, even though it is not technically sandal season:

{  1.) The heeled slide 2.) gladiator 3.) rhinestones on natural leather 4.) espadrilles  }


Heeled slide



Gladiator (small scale)



Rhinestones on natural leather








What would you pick? I think I am leaning toward the smaller scale gladiator or the rhinestones. The thought of wearing shorts or a bathing suit sounds mortifying so I may have on new sandals with my trusty black yoga pants until I actually feel the sun and warmth and can ease into showing some skin.


Stop Sitting!

So……. where do you workout?

Well, he didn’t put a gun to my head but Josh @ Training for Warriors, {where I work out} tells me every day to “blog about it”.  This is him here, that is not me. {I did not make the website….}


This is Ryan, I have been working out with Ryan for a couple years, since he was still in college. I can’t believe all of my whining and complaining over that time span didn’t cause him to make a career change to something like –librarian. (shhh no talking)


Thanks for finally putting me on Instagram by the way, I am so fast that it’s blurry …..




Working out is hard. That’s why it is not called laying on the couch. From the start of the alarm going off until um, basically leaving the gym, I  don’t want to work out. But then on the way home, I’m all “oh yeah, I kicked butt, I love going to the gym”. And then the alarm goes off the next day and it starts all over again, I don’t want to go, it’s too cold, I drank too much last night, I was just there yesterday, and then I go and have ZERO regrets when its over.

Best part of the day?

Leaving the gym!

A lot of the time, while I am sweating and push- upping, I think to myself, maybe if I just quit eating entirely, then I won’t have to come to the gym. Yep. For sure not eating has to be easier than this pushing weights and running around crap. It’s funny the stuff that I think about when working out. So glad there isn’t one of those caption bubbles above my head with my thoughts on it.

But nope- I need chocolate chip cookies and cabernet in my life. I just can’t say good bye.

And then this:  Sitting Is the New Smoking: Ways a Sedentary Lifestyle Is Killing You

Seriously…..never quitting the gym (Josh!)

Did you also hear about this study? I mean this is serious. Sitting is as bad for you as smoking. {Um, so if you are a smoker and sit all day, the prognosis is not good}

Motivate yourself by reading this stuff. I mean I just took my laptop to the kitchen so I could set in on the counter and type standing up. Sitting is BAD.

Here is one link from the Huffington Post.

Another reason the smoking analogy is relevant is that studies have repeatedly shown the effects of long-term sitting are not reversible through exercise or other good habits. Sitting, like smoking, is very clearly bad for our health and the only way to minimize the risk is to limit the time we spend on our butts each day. 

From NBC:

For every two hours spent sitting in front of the computer or television, the average person raises his or her risk of colon cancer by 8 percent, of endometrial cancer by 10 percent and of lung cancer by 6 percent.

From Common Health: study after study has suggested that sitting too much can shave years off your life — even if you work out.

 Cancer, diabetes, obesity, even depression, shortened life…. Our bodies are clearly designed to move.

So go vacuum, take the garbage out, go for a walk around the office, work out  @ Training for Warriors,


my favorite: walk around the mall!!

KN: “where are you Kelly?”

Me:  “at the mall”

KN: “AGAIN???”

Me: ” yes, dear. EXERCISING!”



jelly shoes

0U7G5761.nocrop.w670.h423.2xWhen Keith and I were in New York a couple weeks ago, we were cruising around soho looking at all the cool shops. I am usually too intimidated to go in most, well…  the one’s with a guard at the door.

But we stopped and looked in the window of this shoe shop and KN is like, come on let’s check it out.

Maybe you have heard of a “jelly” sandal? The one’s that look like this, from the 80’s?

Well, this is the same company that used to make jelly shoes but this entire shoe store consisted of all types of plastic shoes! No, not just jelly shoes or just beach shoes, there were every type of shoes, made out of plastic.

Boots, heels, booties and kids shoes too.

The name of the brand is Melissa. I felt like I had heard of this but not like this! This is a fancy gallery in soho, selling plastic shoes.

The shoes were very cute and there were collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood.






31406-51856And you can actually buy the ones that look like the jelly shoes that I think of, but these are $100? I think I bought mine in 1980 for $8.Melissa_Campana_Zig_Zag_II_Red_52518__94547.1417087957.1280.1280

I know this is not a new company and not a new concept but the extent of the selection was new to me! Here is a little history from the Melissa website:

The original “jelly” shoe brand from Brazil has revolutionised the footwear industry with its avant-garde designs since its introduction in 1979. Melissa’s concept of bringing luxury for all, of being pop-luxury is the reason the brand constantly seeks new ways of expressing ideas. That is why, since the 1980s, Melissa has collaborated with celebrated and famous designers, architects, stylists and artists including Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gaultier, Zaha Hadid and upcoming talents Jason Wu and Pedro Lourenco.

Ha! How do you like that? Very innovative! So if you see someone walking around in plastic shoes, don’t judge, maybe they shop in soho…

Here we are refueling at the Nespresso cafe, needed sugar and caffeine to keep KN shopping!IMG_5631




Over the knee boots


I set some pretty steep goals for myself while being confined to my house during the deep freeze. I do not want to catch any of those cold diseases like hypothermia or Raynauds or frostbite. All day long Gage and I have sat in primarily the same spot on the couch, we watched “Turbo” which is a cartoon movie….googled how to calculate wind chill….ate 2 frozen cheese pizza’s…..and

I online shopped.

I know, I know, say it isn’t so.

So my goal was to find some over the knee boots, on sale. When the “thigh high” trend originated, it was not meant for suburban housewives, they were more geared toward career women, if you know what I mean (wink). I feel now they have dwindled all the way down the food chain to just regular people, like me. I think they look really warm, and armor like to protect from this Chiberia weather. Isn’t that a really, really good reason to buy a new pair of boots, RIGHT? I mean, I really don’t want frostbite on my knees. I’ll wear them later when I run out to the store for more Tombstone’s.

Here are a few I found, what do you think?

@ Bloomingdale’s Dolce Vita on sale for $196




These beauties @Anthropologie on sale for $219.95




These are NOT on sale @Nordstrom for $244.95 but they are really cute. Nordstrom is a stickler about sales aren’t they? I mean, come on, it’s January, all of the boots should be on sale….



These boots here @Macy’s on sale, real sale Friday, pre-sale Thursday, sale to get ready for the pre-sale on Wednesday and if you have a Macy’s card the sale starts Tuesday. $129.99





Holey moley! Check out these red doozies! @Free People $398




Oh I love these BUT they are NOT on sale @Frye $478




Designer boots here, on sale!  @ToryBurch $367.50




Tell me what you think about these over the knee boots. Do you have them? What should I get? I can’t decide!!



This is why I hate toilet paper


toiletpaper-562x464                          What in the freaking world is the deal with toilet paper?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Every single (insert swearword) time I go to buy toilet paper, I stand in the aisle and stare at it like it’s the very first time I ever bought toilet paper. Disbelief and confusion set in. What did I buy last time? I don’t remember, I think the package was blue. How much did it cost? Is this really a sale price when it’s the 18 double roll pack that is the same price as the the 9 rolls of ultra super duper  mega pack? Am I on candid camera? I’m going to pick up this 24 pack of quadruple premium rolls and the Charmin people are going to have a laugh attack. “She is actually buying that when obviously the 18 roll ultra mega premium extra super awesome pack is actually a better deal. Sucker! She is a total blonde! She has no idea she just got played!”

Are people looking in my cart at my toilet paper selection? Is the check out lady at Target tsk- tsking under her breath as she scans my 100 pack? Is there toilet paper envy?

Whomever, dreamt up this toilet paper -marketing scam- nightmare- succeeded. I have no idea how much a good price for toilet paper is. It all seems so expensive for something so temporary. How could someone know unless they brought in a math team and calculators? Why do I have to read the packages every single time? Oh! Look here!  This ultra mega roll pack has 12 rolls which is the equivalent to 18 mega rolls or 24 double rolls or 3.5 mega plus super duper rolls or 48 triple mountain rolls or 100 single ply desert plain jane rolls. 

Here is a scenario to help you figure out the math/price equation:  If there are 300 squares per roll, and you have 18 rolls that are 2 ply and you wipe your butt while running a marathon, up hill and fall down and wipe your nose with 1 ply of 6 rolls at 10 mph and you got your haircut on Tuesday, a good price would be $15.99.

Okay, so we got that. Now what level of luxury does your butt require?

Ultra strong or Ultra soft? Sensitive? Ultra soft and strong? Ultra comfort care? Clean Care? WHAT IS CLEAN CARE???? Do I care if my ass is clean? YES!!!

I am having a mental breakdown. All I want to do is type swear words.

Why is it called bathroom tissue? It is a butt wipe.

1. This one has chamomile. I thought that was tea that you drink before bed. (and it says 12=27)


2. This one smells like lavender. Do I have to ask why? I mean really, this is what the webmd says lavender is good for : Lavender is used for restlessness, insomnia, nervousness, and depression. It is also used for a variety of digestive complaints including meteorism (abdominal swelling from gas in the intestinal or peritoneal cavity), loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, intestinal gas (flatulence), and upset stomach.

OOOHHH…. now I get it. AND did you see that? There are 60% more sheets per roll! More than what,  monkeys on an airplane?


3. This package has wider sheets with an effective clean. Does that mean that regular width is not effective? I mean I c-a-n-‘t.   Oh AND gentle care with aloe and vitamin E. Vitamin E is used for this according to : Vitamin E, a substance found naturally in many foods, carries a tremendous benefit for skin cells. Through its antioxidant properties, vitamin E can help fight the signs of aging, protect from sun damage, and even potentially lower skin cancer risks.

Protect from sun damage. I have nothing left to say.



4. Then this: Sensitive. I mean, I cry about everything, does that mean this is the toilet paper for me? If I buy regular toilet paper and not the sensitive kind, does that make me a “hard ass”?




If we were to put all of the ingredients together for the premium Trump toilet paper, with only one type available:

This is what it would be called:

ULTRA soft, ULTRA strong, ULTRA plush, ULTRA comfort care, Clean care, Sensitive, Angel soft toilet paper

It is: soothing with vitamin E and Aloe

It smells like: lavender and chamomile

It is available in one size only in a package of one roll.

One regular, double, triple, giant, mega, jumbo, extra wide roll.

And if it doesn’t fit on your toilet paper holder- I don’t care. Throw it on the floor. Or maybe we can offer you a quadruple ply, superior single roll, 21 pack that smells like roses and 12=27.

Tsk, tsk

happy new year….



spinach salad with sweet potatoes

spinach salad with sweet potatoes and honey maple vinaigrette


Do you have your menu ready for the big day? Or are you “bringing” something?

How about an awesome, beautiful chock- full of goodies-salad? Everyone will be impressed and it is quite delicious and healthy.

I actually made this for Thanksgiving. It takes a bit of work, so it is kind of a special occasion salad, I mean, I would never make this on a week night. I try to stick to 3 ingredient dinners…

This salad has sweet potatoes so it could technically almost be a full meal deal!

First, you roast the sweet potatoes.



whisk up the dressing, which you could do in advance and then put it in the fridge,


toast up the pecans


then you put it all together and mix it up


I mixed this in the top of one of those tupperware cake-to-go tops because I doubled the recipe and there was a ton of stuff to mix. {And I always like my salad tossed really well with dressing, not just dressing on the top of the salad because then you never eat the leaves on the bottom.}


Here is the recipe:



About one pound sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed

5 Tbsp canola oil divided

3 Tbsp cider vinegar

2 Tbsp maple syrup

small minced garlic clove

1/2 tsp dijon mustard


1 bag baby spinach

1 honey crisp apple chopped

1/2 cup dried cranberries

1/2 cup toasted pecans

1/2 cup blue cheese crumbles


Toss the sweet potatoes in 2 Tbsp oil and roast on a baking pan, 400 degrees, about 35 minutes or until tender, cool.

Whisk vinegar, honey, syrup, garlic, dijon, s&p with 3 remaining Tbsp oil.

Mix spinach, apple, cranberries, pecans, sweet potatoes with dressing and top with blue cheese.


spinach salad


Gift giving guide for hard to buy for people



Not done shopping yet, either?

Those hard to shop for people stress me out and I buy their gifts last because it is so hard to buy for men…..I mean them.

So whilst I’m combing the web for last minute gift ideas for someone that remains unnamed, I’ll share some ideas for those hard to buy for, those who have everything, those that need nothing, you get the idea. And they are all under $100.

This body wash has to smell manly and delicious all at the same time. It says it is a “best sellers gift set”. This is nice for men that don’t wear cologne, it just gives a hint o scent after the shower.

Molton Brown gift set $45

Molton Brown
Molton Brown


The world’s best umbrella by Blunt.  { It’s a LIMITED edition, they may run out of umbrellas!???}  The recipient of this gift will be oh so chic and protected from the elements until he takes that $70 umbrella into the restaurant and leaves without it, on it’s first time out.

world's best umbrella
world’s best umbrella

This is totally cool! A wine, rocks, or beer glass with the city of your choice! Uncommon Green wine glass $15 each. Everyone is from somewhere or lives somewhere or wants to live somewhere, just make sure you pick the right city.



How could you go wrong giving a ice cream bowl  that keeps your ice cream cold {with a stainless steel insert}, while your are eating. This is sweet, unique and no one would return it!  Big Love ice cream bowl $63.




Yes, this is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a pair of socks, but, have you ever tried them? They really are different then cotton, so soft and so warm. I mean no one would ever go buy these themselves, so it is a great gift.

Cashmere socks @ J. Crew  $75 (but currently 30% off!)

cashmere socks
cashmere socks


These picture frames are beautiful and unique! They are not black! hah. They come in copper and brass and cement! Great addition to anyone’s gallery wall, {because everyone has one now}. I think the gallery wall will be one of those things that my kids will remember when they are adults and will have this conversation with a friend “did you have a gallery wall in your family room?”  “Oh yeah totally dude. Like why did everyone think it was such a great idea to hang all these pictures all over the place in no particular order?” “Yeah, so 2014.”

But anyway, since it is 2014, I think these are very cool. And yes, I have a gallery wall.

Anthropologie $38-$118

copper gallery frames
copper gallery frames


How about swim trunks? Get ready for that big winter vacay to the beach, right? Maybe you can’t gift the actual plane tickets so maybe the trunks will do….

Penguin stripe trunks $69

Penguin swim trunks
Penguin swim trunks


This is so fun for kids and adults! Use this mug with soup and oyster crackers, cheerios and milk, and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Uncommon Goods $24

basketball mug
basketball mug


How about a sweatshirt that shows your love of another state, probably the one you were born in? Super cute if you are from somewhere cool like California and maybe not so cool if you are from a state that is unrecognizable or Arkansas.

The home T. $65

"home" T.
“home” T.


Okay, time is a wasting. Finish up that list and don’t forget anyone!



buffalo plaid obsessed




What is “buffalo check” exactly?

Oh sorry, it is actually buffalo plaid and this is what the dictionary says:

a plaid with large blocks formed by the intersection of two different-color yarns, typically red and black.

I know my kids {and probably my dad } may think of this as lumberjack plaid, but it is not, because I love it and I am NOT a lumberjack and most days I don’t have a beard.

It is a classic and traditional print that is also current and festive and winter ready. It is so popular it covers the board from clothes to accessories to home. I mean you just can’t go wrong by showing up in a red and black plaid something.

Piperlime jacket
Woolrich Boots
Woolrich Boots
Free People Mini
Free People Mini






plaid scarf
plaid scarf




Anthropologie Skirt
Anthropologie Skirt
Herschel Backpack
Herschel Backpack
J. Crew Phone Case
J. Crew Phone Case
Scotch plaid tape
Scotch plaid tape




Urban Outfitters Flannel
Urban Outfitters Flannel                                                                                                                    
ShopBop appetizer plates
ShopBop appetizer plates



And then there is this theory :

{I told you plaid was in style!}



Cupcakes for Christmas (and every other day)


I am writing this post purely just to make you a jealous fella.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t  love a perfectly frosted delicious cupcake?? I had the privilege of joining up with some girls from the Windy City Blogger Collective to go in the kitchen and frost my own Sprinkles cupcake! I could not pass it up.

Here is how they had the spread laid out for us in the kitchen. First, a treat for us all! woo hoo! A mini cupcake and a mini hot chocolate and a large sugar rush.

mini cupcakes
mini cupcakes
Sprinkles Kitchen

After we sugared up we could pick a cupcake of our choice and frosting of our choice, then attempt to make it look professional and perfect like the Sprinkles people do. { I’m not sure any of us succeeded, there is some secret wrist maneuver or something that we could not quickly be taught.}

Although there are many flavors available daily, and some additional flavors only on specific days, the flavor of December is Gingerbread and Chocolate Peppermint. {The flavor availability calendar is on their website} Gingerbread and chocolate peppermint are available every day in December! This is the time, people, to get to Sprinkles for your Gingerbread fix.

This is a Gingerbread cupcake {no, I did not frost this one silly head.}

SprinklesGingerbread Cupcake
SprinklesGingerbread Cupcake

Here are our cupcakes, frosting and decorations. Yes, that is a bowl of cream cheese frosting.


The girls at work!


This is how many cupcakes I ate…..


On the Sprinkles website, you can special order cupcakes for any event under the sun. These boxes (in the picture below) are filled with the decorations, there are even pink crocodiles. {not sure what event that is}


If you are looking for a gift for someone that has got you stumped, how about a sugary sweet “JOY” box? One dozen beautiful chocolate peppermint, gingerbread, red velvet and vanilla cupcakes in a box!


Or how about these cupcake mixes? GREAT gift idea or stocking stuffer @ $14.

Oh my gosh all of this cupcake talk, seriously, had to have one. {Seriously, not even lying, my trainer called while I was writing this and eating this: (how do THEY KNOW??) Grrrrrrrr.}

chocolate peppermint and a glass of milk
chocolate peppermint and a glass of milk



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