Girlfriend’s guide to 10 favorite face products



I went to the Nordstrom trend show on Saturday. The entire show is about face products, products, products. A big rah rah advertisement for hundreds of fancy, shiny, beautifully packaged, hard to resist items. It is very hard to sort through all of this stuff, there is endless amounts of makeup everywhere and of course, everyone says it will change your life.

To help myself, and you, I asked a few girlfriends what they use and would recommend. I will just list it out for you here with a quote from them about why.

{If you can’t trust your girlfriends then we are all outta luck.}

1.) Dr. Dennis Gross glow pads face. “Gives the perfect glow even in the summer so I can use strong sunblock and still have a little tan on my face with out looking orange.”








2.) Laura Mercier Secret Concealer.  “creamy, easy to blend stays in place (i.e. Doesn’t crease) must have for dark circles that are hard to hide on my very pale face.”


3.) Bobbi Brown CC Cream. “To brighten up and even out the redness”



4. L’oreal Voluminous original mascara. “big, full lashes for less than $6.”12911985_Alt01

5.) derma e Vitamin A Retinol Palmitate Wrinkle treatment creme. “A jar is less than $15 and works better than things five times the price. It’s at Whole Foods and Mariano’s.”500

6.)Acure brightening facial scrub. “makes your face extremely soft and hopefully will help with pigmentation, grr. At Target, organic.”012-2

7.) LaPrairie anti aging foundation. “covers, covers, covers, redness, blotchiness, spots, expensive but worth it.”_5781008


8.) Bobbi Brown makeup brushes. “I lost them when I moved and then re-purchased them because I love them that much”.




9.) Cetaphil face wash. “I have always used it, gentle, and cheap.”Gentle_Skin_Cleanser_16oz_with_burst__92349.1404285882.1280.1280


10.) Trish McEvoy eye serum and retinol eye cream. “works on those eye wrinkles, retinol is great, it is expensive, but works like the even more expensive eye creams I’ve tried.”



This is a short list, so please comment with your recommendations! We would love to know what you use too!

10 spring break must haves




1) First and foremost!  Cellulite be gone_7829308


2) A bright, neoprene swimsuit.

1.-TRIANGL-POPPY-SUMMER-SORBET3) Tons of sunscreen.


4.)  tank topdenim shorts





5.) a dinner dress




6.) A wide brim straw hat.





7.)  sandals & wedges





8.) A good book.



9.)  A whimsical beach tote.



10.) Lip protection.




KN and I are headed to Maui at the end of the month. I cannot wait! Looking to be a professional packer by not over packing and yet, making sure I have every single thing I want. I really just want to start throwing things in a pile as I think of them and then sort through it a few days before departure, but it’s a little early for that and I don’t want to be obsessive…….but really I kinda do.


casual as usual








KN and I had a weekend getaway to Seaside, Florida. We have decided to try and go to places we have never been, which can be tricky since we have both been a lot of different places. This area in the panhandle was a quaint, little mecca of beach towns that were all completely unique. Although all planned communities, each town was different and were so fun to check out. The weather was cool but there was sun and we could actually be outside and ride a bike!

We took these pictures in a town called Rosemary Beach. As we were passing through town on the way back to the airport, we decided to stop for lunch and took a little stroll around.  We felt like we were transported to a little European town.

Travel outfit details here:






ripped jeans

FullSizeRenderI know, I know, ripped jeans are everywhere. AND I just happen to LOVE them and can’t wait for it to be warmer so that I don’t look a fool for wearing them in negative temperatures.

I actually bought these Current Elliott jeans in Florida and brought them to California two days later. I knew it would be warm enough!

The style of the jean was meant to be more “boyfriend” style but I just went down 2 sizes to make them more skinny like. Keith was standing by the fitting room when I tried them on and was like “wait, what boyfriend?” hahahahaha









t-shirt (similiar)


sunglasses (similiar)

San Diego and Coronado beach

birthday dinner





Why does every single outfit on Pinterest, People magazine, any clothing ad or Instagram post, blog post, look awesome, because the girl is wearing HEELS?? I just really don’t have a high heel lifestyle 99% of the time. I mean, if I walked into the high school basketball game with heels, seriously, the eyeballs would be rolling right out of people’s heads, down the bleachers right onto the court.

I would love to be all tall and sexy and confident strolling through Target but uh, I got this bunion on my right foot and  and for sure I would slip and break my neck.

I like to wear heels on dates with my husband. He knows if I have heels on that he has to drop me right off at the front door of the restaurant, cause I can’t clomp down the sidewalk, not to mention how slow I have to walk.

Speaking of hot dates with my husband….

We went out for dinner for my birthday to a unique restaurant and had a fabulous time. {I wore booties that had a heel but were totally manageable and warm} We ate at Intro, you have to buy tickets in advance and there is no menu because the chef has already decided what he is going to serve you before you get there.

{From the restaurant: Chef CJ Jacobson is introducing a five-course menu that is rustic-refined. His cuisine combines flavors foraged from the local terroir of Chicago combined with hyper-seasonal, local California ingredients he highlights in his West Coast kitchen.}

It was delicious.





{oxtail tea, rutabaga ramen, Aronias berries}






{potato, seaweed, chicken skin, mugwort}






{lobster, black trumpet, snow pea, cumin}


{myself and my hot date}

jumpsuit Banana Republic, similiar here

white blazer Zara, similar here

pink Hugo Boss coat, similar here

black booties, similar here

Restaurant here: 

gingham for spring or now





Winter doldrums? Unmotivated? Crabby? Sick of every single thing in your closet?

Seriously, that isn’t me, I just made that up……

Ha, right,

I am sure I have every single “winter issue” available, starting with “severe complaining” and ending with “consuming too many calories”.

Where is the happy winter wonderland of snow angels and hot cocoa around the crackling fire?

Not seeing it from where I sit, it’s all gloomy and frozen and dirty.

Solution: Maybe something new to brighten the day?


It seems that gingham is going to be a big hit for spring. It’s cute and classic and preppy and everyone can wear it! And we should start now to make ourselves feel better and there are zero calories involved.



Zara pants



Madewell skirt




Target swimsuit




C&C California shirt



Oscar de la Renta dress




Tory Burch wallet




Diane von Furstenberg




Banana Republic shirt



Old Navy shirt




Forever 21 dress



Hue Leggings



Michael Kors trench coat




Marc by Marc Jacobs cardigan




ASOS blazer

Comfort Food

macaroni & cheese
macaroni & cheese

Can I blame the weather for making me eat too much?

Of course!

I have never made mac & cheese that did not come in a box. But it sounded warm and cheesy and filling and I thought maybe everyone would eat it and not one person would say “I don’t like this”.

First step: what is the very easiest possible way to make it.  (I only cook with shortcuts).

Sitting in the grocery parking lot, I googled “easy mac & cheese recipes” so I could run in and grab the ingredients, and curses, the recipe says, “pre-shredded cheese does not melt as well because it has cellulose in it”.  This was almost the breaking point for me, I gotta shred my own cheese??

Once at home with my block of cheese,  still unsure about this cheese shredding business, still googling: “Can you shred cheese in a Vitamix?” It appears you can grate it, like parmesan or asiago but not sure if that will work with cheddar. Then this: a video on how to make the entire cheese sauce in the Vitamix, one bowl and no shredding. Yee Haw! This is what I’m talking bout.



Here it is: Easy Peasy Mac & Cheese



Get ready for Valentine’s Day!

Vday pink Collage


12 Days till Valentine’s Day!

Here are a few ideas to get you motivated.

1) Diane Vonfurstenberg sweater

2) Deborah Lipman Sexy Back

3) Too Faced bronzer

4) Sexy brief

5) Kate Spade Heart Dish

6) Love Carries All print

7) Red Cake Stand

8) Red Bodysuit

9) Volcano Candle

10) Zara red dress

11) Red Heels

12) Pappillon Red Wine

13) Heart Paper weight

Fashion news


Here are some updates in the fashion world:

piperlime-logo1) Piperlime is going to shut down!




2) Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade stores are closing.


jonesNYlogo3) Jones New York is closing.


H & M

4) H & M (did you know what the H & M stand for? This: Hennes & Mauritz AB). Business is great, they are opening more stores and are going to add more shoes and sportswear and then makeup later this year.


J. Crew pop flower necklace5) I WANT THIS J. Crew necklace:


6) Statement stripes are in for spring-{YES!} I love stripes!

Scenes from Naples




4ofusSpent a few days in beautiful, sunny Naples with my mom and dad. Since they head there for most of the dreaded winter, it is great to fly down and see them and get away from the dreary, grey skies.

My mom and I always go shopping. {My dad always goes golfing.} Sometimes we shop for clothes and a lot of time for decorating for their place. {My dad does not shop, in this picture we were at the art fair and he thinks that is way too closely related to shopping= stress}.

This trip we needed to go on a search for new lamps. We were successful and purchased 3. We also hit the Miramar outlet mall which I had never been to. I don’t typically like outlets but we enjoyed ourselves and both were successful and returned with {multiple} shopping bags.

There was a lot of eating out. And eating dessert. This was not in line with my “eight week challenge”…

It was a little unseasonably cool, but if you could get in the sun away from the wind, it felt perfect.

KN and I like to talk about retiring to Naples when we are there, {wish us luck}.

lamps{Lamp shopping at Wilson’s Lighting}


Naplesart2{Mom and I at the art fair in the park}

kswall{The wall at the Kate Spade store—love it}

pie       {Homemade Cherry pie from friend’s of my mom and dad-YUM!}

{Dinner at Campiello}

Naplespool{a book, a cookie + sunshine}


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