How was your weekend?

flowers2How was your weekend? 

KN and I happened across a bakery in Little Italy while we were out scoping places to take some pictures. I saw the flowers on the fence and thought what a great spot, or maybe it was KN saw it and I was just thinking about b-a-k-e-r-y.  So I said “Oh I think we need a donut too, ya know, to keep up our stamina”. When we went in I first picked out a donut, then turned around and realized that my pants matched the sofa, hello! Pull up a chair and a donut! We are staying. 




took some cookies to go!
took some cookies to go!

{top} {pants} {shoes-similiar} {Scafuri bakery}

On Saturday a group of us from my gym (TFW-Dupage), my oldest son Kees, KN, and I did the Rugged Maniac race in Wisconsin. Since you get wet and stay that way the entire race it did not matter that the weather was gross. Of course, my son blew us all away and finished way before us. I’m just not good at that hill running business. 

Have a great week! Enjoy the summer weather! XO

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5 ways to wear a coral skirt




I was shopping with my mom and I came across this adorable coral skirt at Anthropologie. I carried it around for awhile trying to figure out if I could justify buying a skirt this color. It just didn’t seem practical…. BUT, I thought it was so cute and I LOVE the color. So I bought it and then figured out all of these great ways to wear it (so many ways that you could pretty much wear it everywhere until you are sick of it and have to give it to your sister!). Which, of course, makes it practical, right? 



while the fall weather is a bit unpredictable, you can wear it on the hot days with a cute sleeveless top


this floral top really kicks up the color, great for brunch! 


put on your specs and look serious for work…..


when it cools off, chunky sweater and boots! 

and I could keep going, like, how about a black turtleneck and black leather moto jacket? a crisp white oxford and a little black blazer? 

Are you buying this skirt yet?? 

Oh and about this hair, I cannot blow out my hair by myself, so a few times a year when I get a haircut I torture my stylist with a blow out. Isn’t it fabulous? But I’ll be back to curly here for another 6 months unless a very special occasion arises and her arms are recovered.

outfit deets here:

skirt here 

white tee with writing here

jean jacket

Adidas superstars here

floral top here 

black flats here

wool hat here

over the knee boots here

Warby Parker glasses here

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How to enjoy your favorite wine everywhere you dine


If you see KN & I walking into a restaurant for dinner, most of the time, one of us is carrying a bottle of wine. At first I was uncomfortable with it, like, why are we carrying wine into a place that sells wine? They are going to be pissed. But, come to find out, that is not always true. 

Most restaurants let you bring in your own wine and they charge a corkage fee to open it. Now I know what you are thinking, why would we pay someone to open our own wine? That’s what I thought! Restaurant’s usually charge around $10-$30 to do it. But if you work the math, you still may be ahead and at least you will be drinking what you already know you like.

KN orders our favorite wine online from or from actual vineyards. 


Here is an example:

The Prisoner from Orin Swift winery, Napa

at Gibson’s Steakhouse a bottle is $79

(at Gibson’s the corkage fee is $30 which is high)

at a bottle is $40.99 + $13.40 (shipping)$54.39

at Prisoner wine company you have to buy 6 or 12 bottles for $40 each plus shipping. 

at Woods Wholesale a bottle is $32.67 +$18.18 (shipping)$50.85

(some sites have wine clubs that give free shipping or reduced shipping if you join and discount specials, for around $4 a month!).

The POINT of this is to show you why we carry our wine around with us. It is not absurd to pay a $20 corkage fee for wine you already know you like, paid a fair price for, and also to avoid the wine menu guessing game. There is nothing worse than getting a bottle of wine that you do not like! 

The Possessor is one of our favs
On our way to dinner, The Possessor is one of our favs

Before you head out, call and ask the restaurant if they allow you to bring wine in and what the corkage fee is. There are a few restaurants that do not allow you to bring it in or to bring in wine that is on their wine list. Most places that allow it are very interested in what you bring in. We’ve made friends with managers discussing our wine choices and have even had the corkage fee waived.  


Have a great week!

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Instagram style snaps


outfit deets here: pants, shoes, shirt-old, similiar here

Here are a few style pictures I posted to Instagram and where to buy the goods. KN likes this outfit because it looks like something I could wear to work. lol. (yeah, don’t get your hopes up there KN, I may have the clothes but I ain’t got no job).


outfit deets here: lace top, shorts, shoes, hat-sold out, similar here  (I love these shoes)


outfit deets here: Topshop pants, top

Jeez Louise, Hello Fall!

The ragweed pollen count is off the charts and my allergies are killing me! I can’t even go outside without a box of tissues. The kids go back to school and the weather, albeit temporary, is automatically like fall. It’s like oh wait! What just happened, can I still wear my white jeans?

 Since I have a 16 year old with a car, my kids don’t even need me to drive them to school or pick them up. It used to be like “ugh, I have to go pick the kids up from school”, now that I don’t have to I already miss it. I know I’m nuts. I just like that guaranteed one on one time with them locked in the car. It’s about the only time they might talk to me unless they want something, like food.
Last week I asked my 13 year old if he wanted to go back- to- school shopping, (for clothes).
His response: “No, I have clothes”

My response: “WHAT? How is it possible that we are even related?”

He cracked up. 

 Him: “Can you buy more beef jerky, like a lot of it?” 

Until next time,


(Find more style pics on Instagram: @Kellyrae_Nelson)
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how was your weekend?



wow, what a steamy weekend! (I’m talking about the weather…)

Friday night we were on an architectural boat  tour with KN’s office, what a beautiful, perfect night on the water. You forget how incredible the city looks from the water with the sun setting behind it. The wind and the humidity did not affect my hair at all. Despite a tangle the size of the Sears tower, I highly recommend getting yourself on the lake side of the city. 

lake Michigan

On Saturday I went to an event in Chicago called Create + Cultivate. “A platform & conference for female entrepreneurs in the digital space.” I was pretty insecure about it as I felt the only thing relevant to me in their description was the “female” part.  I parked on the street, went to get my parking ticket stub to put on the dashboard of the car, walked back and tossed it in and NOT JOKING it disappeared between the window and the dash. Boom! Gone! So oddly enough, I was at an event about “digital space” and still buying my  parking payment tickets at the pay box and not on the ParkChicago app. And to make it even more hilarious or ridiculous,  I did it 3 MORE times because the tickets were only for 3 hours and I was there all day. I don’t even know. 

It was a good day. But I gotta say, I am overwhelmed and intimidated about everything that is going on in the marketing/social media/blogging world and how to even grasp a part of it. It changes fast and there are so many technology components and apps etc….There were women that definitely were inspirational but honestly it is hard to stay strong and think you have any chance of success when you compare yourself to these young, successful women.  But I will keep on keeping on, learning and hopefully all of you will get everyone you know to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram so I feel better about my “digital space”….. lol.

This week my boys go back to school. That is always a bitter sweet time. Yay, that they have a schedule and are being productive but boo, that they have homework, earlier bedtime and have to get up and leave early. Can’t believe I have an 8th grader and a junior, time flies!

Have a great back to school week! XO


{my fringe top on sale here}

{jogger pants here}
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5 trends the bloggers are wearing


If you are not following hundreds of fashion bloggers like I do, you may not be aware of a few items that keep popping up on their Instagram feeds. Here are a few items and where to get them. 

*note: to view on the website click here.

1.) ripped, torn, destroyed jeans.

I had a few pair of jeans with some holes and then I really bought into this trend and bought the ones pictured above. The little 4 year old neighbor twins were outside when I got out of the car with these on. Their faces! Filled with worry “Oh, no! What happened to your pants? They are all broken”

I bought mine at Zara. Click Here

This blogger @shalicenoel has made herself famous for her selfies in destroyed jeans. Check out how many likes she got.



2.) strappy, lace up sandals. 

I have a few pair but some of these girls have them in every shape, heel and color. Similar here.


This blogger @weworewhat took a picture of the few she packed for vacation and more than 12,000 people liked it.



3.) Denim skirt.

These are popping up everywhere for fall, short or long with a button up front. Mine is from H&M.  Click Here.



This blogger, @happilygrey also has a short button up skirt with big pockets. (I’ll bet hers was more than $29)


4.) Chanel purse.

Here is a picture of me with mine :)


And here is @Margoandme with hers. And there are a million more girls strutting around with them.



6.) Fringe!

It’s on everything, better get yourself some fringe stat, like a purse or shoes or a top (just don’t wear them all at the same time…)

I got these awesome fringe Steve Madden shoes. Click here. (I guess my skirt is kinda fringe like too). 


 This blogger @sincerelyjules has a great fringe top (oh and look at her denim skirt too!) and only 61,000 people liked it….(what?!)


Miscellaneous other items you’ll find the blog gals are into…

off the shoulder tops & dresses, this Chloe purse, hats, avocado toast and white nails!

Steve Madden

Farmer’s market salad {recipe}


farmer's market salad

Serves 4
a healthy summer salad

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  1. one bag of greens: spinach or spring greens
  2. one avocado
  3. handful of cherry or pear tomatoes sliced
  4. 1 cobb of corn, cooked and cut off of the cobb
  5. 1/3 c. feta
  6. handful of pistachios
  7. optional: crisp bacon or sliced chicken breast
  8. Dressing: whisk all together
  9. 1/2 c olive oil
  10. 3 tbsp raspberry or red wine vinegar
  11. 1 tsp yellow mustard
  12. 2-3 tbsp sugar
  13. 1tsp grated onion
  14. salt & pepper to taste
  1. Mix the salad ingredients and toss with the dressing!
Just Browsing


Ugh here we go,  another salad recipe. I love salad, it’s all your healthy stuff in one bowl, no guilt. Dinner is so easy if you just grill a piece of chicken or steak and have an awesome salad, sit outside and enjoy summer. The ingredients in this are all fresh from the farmer’s market (well, ok, I know we don’t have avocados in the midwest) and they are all good for you, I think.

Our conversation over dinner was about corn. 

the boys: “is corn even good for you?” “it just seems to go straight through” 

KN: “I just read that your body doesn’t have the “chemical” to break corn down. Cows do, but not people”

the boys: “so why are you making us eat it?”

Me: “because when was the last time you ate something that was from a plant?”

the boys: silent

Me: “yeah, that’s what I thought. Eat up, it’s called a vegetable. Hopefully your body won’t go into shock”
 Of course I googled it, and according to this Huffington Post article, it has nutrients and vitamins. So ha! Eat up!

  And if you eat your vegetables, you get ice cream @ Kilwins!


pencil me in


Ran into these girls in the park and had to stop and say hi, of course, and I’m like “KN take our picture together!” So that worked out pretty swimmingly. We were on our way to dinner at Fig & Olive which was delightful. The restaurant is beautiful and there is a little terrace seating, we sat outside to enjoy this awesome weather we’re having. Summer is the best, I think I am a totally different person in the summer, maybe I am bi-polar with the seasons. Which I suppose is scary, considering that it is winter more than it is not…..


Let’s talk about this skirt, why? Because it was $24.99.

Find it here: {skirt}  {t-shirt}  {shoes} {sunglasses}  {purse}  {bracelet}





We ordered these crostini, because that is what everyone talks about! They were delicious. In case you were wondering, yes, the name of the restaurant is Fig & Olive, and yes, almost all of their dishes include these ingredients (and Manchego-my fav). 

When we were waiting to get our car, this Scout was parked out front. I just took some pictures with a red Scout, so I had to stop for a pic with this yellow one. It was so cool.



{I have to throw this pic in too. This guy in the park was like so dead tired that he fell face first into slumber.}

get your flares on


How was your weekend? We went from both kids away at camp to both kids getting home on Saturday. The 16 year old flew home from Vermont, he was gone for 3 weeks! That was the longest he’s ever been gone. KN and I drove to Missouri to pick up the 13 year old and his friend. We are such wimps that we drove down Friday night and stayed in St Louis, then got up in the morning and headed to the camp and then home. 

It’s so weird with boys. They don’t really talk about much. They get annoyed when you rapid fire questions at them but they never offer up information freely. It’s like pulling teeth. For example:

me “how was the food at camp?”

son “good”

me “what kind of food did they have?” 

son “um, I don’t know”

me ” seriously?” “what else did you do?”

son ” um, not much”.

me ” didn’t you see a movie?’

son “yep”

me “WHAT MOVIE????”

son “Paper Towns”


me to KN “well I guess we’re all caught up here. I’m going to the mall”


these awesome old doors on an old building in St. Louis!



These pants keep popping up. {Maybe it’s because they are on the top of the pile of jeans jammed in the drawer?} Actually, they are super comfy and stretchy and, hello,  make my legs look really long. 

on the steps at the St Louis library, which used to be the US Post office, which opened in 1865

white flares here, belt (similar) here, wedges here (now on sale), strappy pink heels (similar) here

Oh yeah, I really like this flare business because I also have blue one’s too!

stripe top

blue denim flares here (now on sale) stripe top here

There are 16 days left until school starts, so the way I see it, maybe I could try for one camp fact a day for the next 16 days and then I might have a slight idea of what they actually ate. It’s a start.

Happy Monday! XO


Instagram snaps

topHere’s what I’ve been up to on Instagram. 

What? You aren’t on Instagram? That’s what I thought since you aren’t following me!

In case you step up your social media skills, find me @ Kellyrae_Nelson.

zara top


Top,  Flares (now on sale)


@Bar Siena This is a just-opened bar in west loop, great food and a great space!

Dress (similiar), Shoes


 Anthropologie   (my favorite store!) asked to use this Instagram picture on their website: click here to see it and to buy this dress!

(you may not be able to see it on a phone)


This Instagram picture is on the solangeles website and their Instagram. Click here and here to see it.  It is also on the Anthropologie site, click here to see it! 

(same here, you may not be able to see it on a phone)

Buy the top here, jeans, sandals

Heading out for margaritas tonight, that’s what you’re supposed to drink when it’s 88°, right? Oh, and of course a bucket of chips and a bowl of guac. yum. I love summer. Have a great day! xo




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