Napa Fall Harvest Party

wondering why I am sitting in the 100 degree heat and everyone else is under the tent


checking out the vineyard
checking out the vineyard

The Prisoner Wine Company – our favorite!
of course there was a swing
 there was a swing!


Do you like wine as much as we do?

We like it very much, so much that we went to visit it.

What is a fall wine harvest party anyway?

In this case, it’s drinking fabulous wine and eating delicious food on the lawn of the vineyard owner’s home, with a band and vineyard views. We picked this winery, Quintessa, because we obviously love their wines. The weather was extremely warm {around 100 degrees}! It was so fun to try all of their wines, mingle, nosh and meet the winemakers. Yes, the actual winemakers. Awesomeness.
{Then after you’ve been drinking for 3 hours, you get an order form……}
…Which by the way ladies, you can use this tactic on your own husband you know. Take him drinking and then to the mall, it works….
We stayed at a wonderful place in Napa called The Carneros Inn, which was peaceful, had beautiful scenery and an awesome restaurant called Farm. {It is not even remotely similar to what I think of when someone says “farm”}
The next day (one wine party a day is enough already), KN and I visited a private winery called Celani, which is a small family owned vineyard. We made an appointment to stop by and taste their wine. Once we drove through the private gate we got to see the vineyard, listened to the  family story about how they got into wine making and tasted their wines right on the patio of their house. As a matter of fact, we met Vicki Celani and shared stories about kids, dogs and all sorts of things.  It was a fabulous afternoon. Can’t wait for our wine shipments to start rolling in!
Celani Wines
Celani Wines
many wines, many glasses



Peace Out in Haight Ashbury



Psychedelic rock, Janis Joplin, bohemian lifestyle, summer of love 1967, all of these things happened in Haight Ashbury {San Francisco}. 

It’s definitely a significant part of  history, this Haight Ashbury area, and some of that history is still there on the streets, in their campers, with their dogs and guitars. I’m glad we checked it out but I can’t lie, it smelled and seemed dirty and there were a lot of panhandlers.







Did you know that bell bottoms became popular in the 60’s because they were purchased at military surplus stores, {actual Navy sailor pants}  by the antiwar counterculture? So the hippies started wearing military sailor pants, which are “bell bottomed”, because they were affordable!

About sailor pants and why they are flared From

{The flared bottoms offered more function than fashion as the wide legs made it easy for sailors to roll up their trousers in the presence of high water. According to an article in the archives of the U.S. Navy Department library, “a water-soaked sailor who happened to find himself no longer aboard could easily remove the 20 to 30 pounds of saturated wool without removing his now-standard shoes, which he would desperately need to protect his feet if he avoided becoming shark bait and made landfall.” Bell-bottoms were part of the U.S. Navy uniform until 1998.}

I just love fashion history! 😉

Get some here: bell bottoms| Topshop top| shoes

Topshop US


French Connection (US)

A Turtleneck is a great choice for San Francisco


San Francisco is not short on beauty, so when KN mentioned he had to be there for 2 days, I {of course} said TAKE ME! While he worked I traipsed around town with my little map (yes, a paper map!)and my walking shoes.  Picked out a few neighborhood areas that were more unique to shop in than the famous Union Square, and headed out. Around every turn is a hill or a beautiful view. There was no way I was going to be out done by a hill, I’m in good shape darn it. Oh right, I mean wrong, holy cow! The hills never end. This one street in particular (Fillmore), is like walking up a wall.  There were lots of walking breaks, where I pretended to be very busy texting someone, but was actually just catching my breath.  



 We literally stumbled upon this sail boat race. We were driving our fancy rental car around like the Dukes of Hazard over the hills when we spotted the sail boats. Go GO GOOO! WE NEED pictures over there! I hopped in the back seat and changed my clothes while KN tried to figure out how to get there. We illegally parked, jumped out and snapped pictures fast since they were racing by. One minute there was a flurry of boats and then they were gone. Picturesque? Seriously, sailboats and the golden gate bridge, awesomeness! just-browsing

While we were there, the weather was perfect. The day starts out cool, gets warm and then gets cool again. This turtleneck was a perfect choice! Not only because it is so versatile but also because it is soft and breathable and the best part? It’s washable cashmere. KN bought it for me from Kit & Ace, a new store opening in Chicago. I’ll probably wear it out! I LOVE turtlenecks and am thrilled to see they are back in style.

P.S. the next morning after my 4 mile shopping/hill walking, the tops of my calves were sore. We just don’t have that kinda elevation change around these parts….


high neck dress

crochet high neck dress







How was your weekend? We stayed around the house for most of the weekend. Saturday was a perfect, sunny, crisp fall day to work in the yard and get some stuff done around the house.

Sunday was also such a beautiful day, these are the days that make people decide that fall is their favorite season.  After church KN went to the Bears/ Packers game {….he’s a Packer’s fan} and I washed the car. My son Gage, who is 13, had a friend over. These boys talk about cars all-of-the-time. I overheard Gage say that he wants a Bugatti and he would keep it in his room because  he would want to sleep in it. lol. If I had a $1.7 million dollar car I would have to sleep in it too because I’d be homeless. And hungry. 

It was very low key {because} next weekend we will be in Napa! 

How about this adorable dress? I usually don’t think of white for fall but this dress is unexpected and perfect!

outfit details here:

dress / shoes / purse
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My {fashion} week


vest/ hat/ shoes

Since I am not headed to #NYFW…. but am loaded up with fashion ideas for days, I’ll share 5 of my looks here. I mean, I know this is not a live fashion show with movie stars and Anna Wintour and Calvin Klein, in the  glamorous big apple, with paparazzi, cool hotels and awesome food and all of the “it” people and no I am not green with envy. Well, maybe army green envy. On the bright side: I am sitting on my couch drinking a cup of coffee in workout pants and not running around in the NY rain with sore blistered feet from uncomfortably cool heels. 


Army green vest/ similar top /jeans / door = priceless

Do you know what fashion week is? Obvs if you are in the industry you would think that is a ridiculous question. But I understand some of you have real jobs that don’t involve serious decisions about what to wear and don’t know about this fashion biz.  Here is a brief statement of what it is from wiki:

A fashion week is a fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week, which allows fashion designers, brands or “houses” to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers and the media to take a look at the latest trends. (NY, London, Milan & Paris)

What it does not say is that: 1) you have to be invited and 2) if you are a blogger and invited, you probably have minimum of a billion followers on Instagram.


top  / jeans (now on sale) / shoes


Red top/ jeans/ shoes


top (now on sale)/ jeans (now on sale) / shoes

If you are interested in the fashion shows you can watch a live feed here: NYFW

If you think I should go in the future…..then get busy sharing my blog with everyone you know. And follow me on Instagram. 


French Connection (US)

Easy lemon bar recipe

Lemon Bars
Lemon Bars

*to view the post on the website and see the full images, click on the title*

lemon bars

easy lemon bars

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  1. 1 cup butter, softened
  2. 1/2 cup sugar
  3. 2 cups flour
  4. 1/4 tsp salt
Lemon topping
  1. 4 eggs
  2. 1 1/2 cups sugar
  3. 1/3 cup flour
  4. 3 lemons juiced (2/3 cup )
  1. Blend together the crust ingredients and press into a 9x13 and bake @ 350 until golden brown, approx 15-20 minutes. (or use a 8x11 pan and bake 5 min longer for crust and 5 more for filling)
  2. Whisk together the remaining ingredients and pour over the crust. Bake for 20 more minutes.
  3. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  4. Store in the fridge.
Adapted from all recipes
Adapted from all recipes
Just Browsing

I know everyone is already talking about the stinking pumpkin spice latte and apples and booties, so how does a lemon bar fit into all this fall business? 

It doesn’t. 

But I made them because KN likes them and they were easy. ( P.S. Did you know that Starbucks created a pumpkin spice latte twitter account? )

Oh and it was the hottest weekend of the year, so lemon seems like a good thing. The hardest part of this is squeezing lemons for fresh lemon juice. (Which you could probably actually buy fresh squeezed lemon juice if you don’t want to do it yourself.)

yes, they are Anthropologie dishes, of course


How was your weekend? We, oddly enough, didn’t really start out with any plans.{ KN prefers organized plans, so he was worried that we would end up wasting our time trying to figure out what to do, I on the other hand, have a hard time planning anything in advance or being organized…. thats why we are so perfect together…. lol} But anyway, lake life is laid back and things just happen and evolve. We ended up having the best time with friends and family and hanging out at the pool. It seems so depressing that it’s time to close up the pool and think about when to take the boat out of the lake. I’m not ready! 

Enjoy your week and make some lemon bars while it’s still summer. XO

P.S. I have a new salad idea that I am going to make tonight. If it turns out, I’ll be sure to share soon!

lemon yellow!
lemon yellow!

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you bought the booties, now what?

justbowsingThe hype for for fall is always about boots, boots, boots. It usually starts with the Nordstrom sale. Of course we’ve all jumped on the bandwagon {every single fall} wondering what the latest boot is that you don’t already have hanging around all dusty in the bottom of the closet. One that will be different than last year and flexible enough to wear with a lot of thangs….

Well, this fall, for me it’s a western looking bootie. I have booties but the one that looks different than what I have, is the wild wild west fringe pair. Which is interesting because actually the look that goes with the fringe bootie, it’s more of a boho, 70’s type of thing, not cowboy. (Got that? Not cowboy,ok  girls?) So now what? After extensive  researching and shopping, you have these booties and what the heck are you going to wear with them?

Here’s some idee-ers:

with a sweater dress
with a sweater dress
with high rise skinny jeans
with wide leg (cullottes) jeans or pants
with wide leg (cullottes) jeans or pants


with shorts
with ripped denim shorts


with an A-line skirt
with an A-line skirt 

I bought these fringe booties because I thought they weren’t too extreme and would be good casual or dressed up.


Check out the boots here (they also come in brown)

Check out this adorable plaid shirt here (also in 2 other colors)

Check out the sunnies here

my shorts are jeans from Old Navy, that I cut off, chop chop 

just browsing



I was featured on by Dasha, a fellow blogger, check it out.

How was your weekend?

flowers2How was your weekend? 

KN and I happened across a bakery in Little Italy while we were out scoping places to take some pictures. I saw the flowers on the fence and thought what a great spot, or maybe it was KN saw it and I was just thinking about b-a-k-e-r-y.  So I said “Oh I think we need a donut too, ya know, to keep up our stamina”. When we went in I first picked out a donut, then turned around and realized that my pants matched the sofa, hello! Pull up a chair and a donut! We are staying. 




took some cookies to go!
took some cookies to go!

{top} {pants} {shoes-similiar} {Scafuri bakery}

On Saturday a group of us from my gym (TFW-Dupage), my oldest son Kees, KN, and I did the Rugged Maniac race in Wisconsin. Since you get wet and stay that way the entire race it did not matter that the weather was gross. Of course, my son blew us all away and finished way before us. I’m just not good at that hill running business. 

Have a great week! Enjoy the summer weather! XO

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5 ways to wear a coral skirt




I was shopping with my mom and I came across this adorable coral skirt at Anthropologie. I carried it around for awhile trying to figure out if I could justify buying a skirt this color. It just didn’t seem practical…. BUT, I thought it was so cute and I LOVE the color. So I bought it and then figured out all of these great ways to wear it (so many ways that you could pretty much wear it everywhere until you are sick of it and have to give it to your sister!). Which, of course, makes it practical, right? 



while the fall weather is a bit unpredictable, you can wear it on the hot days with a cute sleeveless top


this floral top really kicks up the color, great for brunch! 


put on your specs and look serious for work…..


when it cools off, chunky sweater and boots! 

and I could keep going, like, how about a black turtleneck and black leather moto jacket? a crisp white oxford and a little black blazer? 

Are you buying this skirt yet?? 

Oh and about this hair, I cannot blow out my hair by myself, so a few times a year when I get a haircut I torture my stylist with a blow out. Isn’t it fabulous? But I’ll be back to curly here for another 6 months unless a very special occasion arises and her arms are recovered.

outfit deets here:

skirt here 

white tee with writing here

jean jacket

Adidas superstars here

floral top here 

black flats here

wool hat here

over the knee boots here

Warby Parker glasses here

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How to enjoy your favorite wine everywhere you dine


If you see KN & I walking into a restaurant for dinner, most of the time, one of us is carrying a bottle of wine. At first I was uncomfortable with it, like, why are we carrying wine into a place that sells wine? They are going to be pissed. But, come to find out, that is not always true. 

Most restaurants let you bring in your own wine and they charge a corkage fee to open it. Now I know what you are thinking, why would we pay someone to open our own wine? That’s what I thought! Restaurant’s usually charge around $10-$30 to do it. But if you work the math, you still may be ahead and at least you will be drinking what you already know you like.

KN orders our favorite wine online from or from actual vineyards. 


Here is an example:

The Prisoner from Orin Swift winery, Napa

at Gibson’s Steakhouse a bottle is $79

(at Gibson’s the corkage fee is $30 which is high)

at a bottle is $40.99 + $13.40 (shipping)$54.39

at Prisoner wine company you have to buy 6 or 12 bottles for $40 each plus shipping. 

at Woods Wholesale a bottle is $32.67 +$18.18 (shipping)$50.85

(some sites have wine clubs that give free shipping or reduced shipping if you join and discount specials, for around $4 a month!).

The POINT of this is to show you why we carry our wine around with us. It is not absurd to pay a $20 corkage fee for wine you already know you like, paid a fair price for, and also to avoid the wine menu guessing game. There is nothing worse than getting a bottle of wine that you do not like! 

The Possessor is one of our favs
On our way to dinner, The Possessor is one of our favs

Before you head out, call and ask the restaurant if they allow you to bring wine in and what the corkage fee is. There are a few restaurants that do not allow you to bring it in or to bring in wine that is on their wine list. Most places that allow it are very interested in what you bring in. We’ve made friends with managers discussing our wine choices and have even had the corkage fee waived.  


Have a great week!

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