Wax & Wick Candle Guys

wax & wick black amber candle


wax and wick candle co


black amber candle


wax & wick

black amber scent candle I heard about a Chicago area candle company called Wax & Wick and reached out to see if we could meet to chat and discuss the candle making business. I think it’s fascinating to meet people that are creative, motivated and want to achieve. (I previously reached out to Chicago area rockstars: Red Malt Denim, ABC 7 Tracy Butler and Fairlife Milk is coming soon.)

Coordinating this meeting was difficult because: 1) there are three guys 2) they don’t live near each other and 3) they all work full time in very non-candle related businesses. These guys were the most unsuspecting characters!  The website said that the candles were for men and they were made by men. I really did not expect to see these macho, rugged, 2 beards and a mustache walk in. 

Garrett, Kevin and Joe are regular, guy next door, let’s meet for a beer, manly men. They are not looking to quit their day jobs to go into the full time candle making world.  Their careers are diverse, as in a business owner, an IT guy, and a tattoo shop owner/building engineer.   

So why candles? Oh, they have done their research. I didn’t write down the stats they were spouting off, but to put it simply, everyone has a candle in their house and they want you to have one of their candles in your house.  After researching and discussing their idea, they decided to try and pour the candles right in their own houses. It was not an easy task to get the candles to smell, burn and look the way they wanted, such as, keeping the wax from separating from the glass, having the wax dry evenly and achieving a scent they agreed on. 

Speaking of scent. A big part of their driving force was creating scents that men would enjoy. That is where the “candles for men” came into play. Wax & Wick does not have rosey- flower and sugar -candy scents. Think rustic, smokey, vanilla, whiskey and even earth. 

Their candles are made from pure soy. I’d heard about this soy business before but I sort of thought it just meant that the candle would smell better or last longer. I didn’t know that candles that are not 100% pure soy, have ingredients such as paraffin. Do you know what paraffin is?

Here is the definition:

a flammable, whitish, translucent, waxy solid consisting of a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons, obtained by distillation from petroleum or shale and used in candles, cosmetics, polishes, and sealing and waterproofing compounds.

I don’t want to burn any petroleum based products in my house so straightaway after this meeting I cleaned out the candle cabinet and tossed a few.

These guys are inspirational, adding this handcrafted, candle business to their resume. It was a pleasure to meet them and find a minute to chat when their schedules are full with business and family. As part of their learning process, they have removed the “candles for men” slogan because even though men enjoy candles, their research has told them that women are the ones who buy them!

If you are looking for a recommendation, I have been enjoying a few different scents from Wax & Wick.  I have not tried them all but my personal favorite is the Black Amber and then second would be the Cedar and Vanilla.  I love the contemporary, simple black jar- looks great on my coffee table!


Wearing Red

red skirt anthropology

red midi skirt

red midi skirt

red skirt

red long skirt

Red skirt | similiar leather jacket | heels

Lots of reasons to wear red in February, obviously Valentine’s day, and it was National wear red day for the American Heart Association, and for American heart month, and because the days are long and gray and red is just what we need to lift our spirits.

I didn’t want the skirt to be too fancy, so I paired it with my black leather jacket to toughen it up a bit. I have had this jacket for……oh maybe ten years? So if you invest in one, it’s worth it because the style is pretty classic.   

Are you ready for the weekend? I’m heading to a blogger conference all day Saturday and then we are having a small Super Bowl party on Sunday. I have the menu figured out but KN asked me why it didn’t include any Velveeta, so maybe I will add that classic Super Bowl dip to the list! Yum!

Better than Basic

black top over white blouse

rag and bone jeans

blouse with a tie

banana republic top and jeans

just browsing blog

I suppose if you told your girlfriend you were wearing jeans and a white top with a black vest, it wouldn’t sound too exciting. Maybe even like a cowboy. I can’t decide if I look western here, but I like it either way! I’ve been wanting one of these black “ties”, this one came with the blouse and it was not expensive, so I can abandon the idea without guilt later. The black top is one of those now and later items, I love it over this blouse, but of course, when the weather turns warmer, I can wear it sleeveless too, maybe with a skirt or with white skinny jeans.

We took these pictures in the Wilder Park conservatory. When we walked in, we were both like WOW the flowers are so colorful! Since I was wearing no color, this worked out splendidly (and it was warm in there too!)

Shop the look here:

Blouse here and here | black top (similar) | jeans | boots | lipstick

Monday Must Have: Food Jewelry

wine time ring

Wine time ring Well, it is right?

brass pizza queen bracelet

Pizza Queen cuff   We have pizza every Sunday night, and sometimes Tuesday night……



sassy soft serve bead bracelet

Soft Serve Bracelet It’s so colorful and happy, I just look at it and smile.

coffee and croissant necklace

coffee and croissant necklace  Anytime of the day this works out just fine.

food ring jewelry

Snacks ring I suppose different food items pop up in everyone’s brain when they think of a snack. I prefer  potato chips.

pizza bead bracelet

pizza bracelet Oh here we go again, I told you I loved pizza. 

I know everyone is still holding onto their new year’s weight loss resolution with their greasy french fry fingers but I just had to mention this little jewelry trend anyway. I am LOVING bracelets that say Pizza! Seriously, it is a perfect food. 

I am trying to decide if wearing jewelry with your favorite food item is a good idea or not. Is it just a constant reminder of what you want to eat? Or maybe it is an advertisement to the world that you have zero self control? that you are single minded?

My 2 year old niece thinks the solution to any type of situation such as car riding, grocery cart riding, waiting room waiting, before nap and after nap: is a SNACK. She even asks for a snack while she is eating a snack!

We are doomed from the day we learn to say snack.

Then there is this necklace. This is what you wear after you tear through the snack drawer, order pizza again or open a second bottle of wine…..or when your 2 year old asks for a snack for the 757438957983475 time in a day.


fun saying necklace

Aarrghhh necklace

Valentine’s Gift ideas

Valentine's day gift ideas

What are you doing this weekend?

Well if you know what is good for you, you better start thinking about what you’re buying that certain someone for Valentine’s day -{so it doesn’t turn into that disaster that gift giving occasions turn into}.OHHHH!! eeeewwwwwwe what does she mean by that?  You know exactly what that means.

When you have a conversation at some point with your significant other that “we don’t need to give each other a birthday/v-day/ mother’s day/I still love you after 1,000 years of marriage gift” because we are saving for furniture/vacation/car or because it doesn’t matter anymore. But then the day comes and there is no gift and you go in the laundry room and fold clothes in tears and tell yourself that you really don’t care BUT you do!  So you go eat a giant piece of chocolate cake and don’t count those calories because you earned them.

 Don’t spend a bucket of money if you are saving then. But giving a note, a card, a donut, date night reservations, a flower from the grocery store, a book, a framed picture, a “remember the time” note on a red piece of paper, a Chanel purse, will always and forever work in your favor. 

It kind of seems that this post is geared to men. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. {But feel free to forward to any man that should read this} Being thoughtful goes 2 ways girls!  Here are a few ideas to get you  motivated. I’ll have to say too, sometimes buying yourself something is actually a gift too. Like what guy doesn’t want to see their gal cruising around in those red hot shoes on date night? 😉

Shop here:

Red Heels | I love you ring |His & Hers Beer glasses

Lock Hinge bracelet | Ashley Woodson Bailey photo | Paperweight

lace bra | Wax & Wick candle | men or women’s: custom Red Malt denim

Navy & Red for vacation

fly away kate spade shoes

just browsing

fly away Kate Spade shoes

kate spade shoes

If you remember, I got these cute-as-a-button shoes for Christmas. Packed them up and brought them to Florida and cruised around town in them. Cute and comfy! People were looking at my feet trying to read what they said. I can say that going from wearing winter boots covered in salt to these happy, nautical steppers sure was a delight! 

Shop the look here:

Kate Spade shoes | Topshop sweater |Banana Republic flares | scarf

Monday Must Have: lace top

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lace top anthropology

short sleeve lace top

pale blue anthropology lace top

anthropologie lace top

 We visited my parents in Naples for a few days, it was great to get out of the cold even though it really wasn’t the tropical temperatures we were dreaming of, it poured rain one entire day, and one day they had to close Naples pier due to high winds!

I am loving this sweet lace top! I picked this as my Monday must have this week because it is so refreshing to be wearing something delicate and lightweight. ( And since a lot of you are getting out of dodge and shopping for something new!)

Shop the look here: 

(P.S. I have to give my mom the shoe creds…I stole them right out of her closet! You can buy those here)




Shnazzy top

peasant blouse

white free people top


free people embroidered top


peasant blouse free people


This is top is filled with details! I love the puffy sleeves, the split back and the embroidery. I paired it with my old,simple, skinny jeans and my new favorite fringe boots.

KN and I rushed to get these pics outside on a day that started out not too bad but kept going downhill from rain and then cold and snow. We warmed up by the fireplace at Q bbq and had a delicious lunch.

It’s difficult to get outside for pictures in this arctic city!! Now as we all know, it’s just too stinking cold! It’s so cold that we are heading to Naples to see my mom and dad and hopefully not have to wear a coat!
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Shop the look here:


Monday Must Have: lace up top

lace up top


white lace up top

Have you noticed the lace up trend? I think we are going to see a lot of this come spring. I bought this one for my trip to Florida this week. The temps are a bit cool so an updated, lace up, crisp, white top is great go to piece.  We are going to stay with my parent’s in Naples and get the heck outta this cold weather for a few days. 

Shop lace up tops here!

Hot chocolate and comfy clothes!

floral leggings

Holy smokes has it been cold! I can’t stand it. I made some hot chocolate to bring a few light hearted happy moment to an otherwise long and freezing {high of 5 degrees} Sunday.

This is real, old fashioned hot chocolate, made with {of course} dutch chocolate. I mean, are you seriously making those packets of who- knows -what ingredients with tiny freeze dried little marshmallows?

hot chocolate


making hot chocolate

According to the recipe on the Droste box, you make a paste in the mug with sugar, chocolate and a little milk. Then after you warm up the rest of the milk, you add it to the mug. It’s rich, creamy and delicious {and with out all those ingredients you can’t pronounce.}

I can’t lie, these fancy marshmallows, toasted, didn’t make it worse…

Just pop those suckers under the broiler for a quick bit. Do not walk away from the oven because they will burn and set the smoke alarm on fire in a second!

toasted marshmallows

hot chocolate

hot chocolate

More cold days in the forecast, high of 3 this Sunday, better stock up on some hot chocolate supplies!

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Hot Chocolate
Serves 1

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  1. 1 Tablespoon cocoa
  2. 2 Tablespoons white sugar
  3. 1 cup of milk plus 2 Tablespoons milk
  1. In a mug mix the cocoa, sugar and 2 TBS milk. Heat the cup of milk in a pan on the stove. Add it to the mug and stir. Toast up a couple of marshmallows and add to the mug.
Adapted from Droste
Adapted from Droste
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