5 Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Recipes

heart shape

Since Valentine’s day falls on a Tuesday, I’m imagining that most of us will be eating at home in yoga pants and not out in fancy red dresses and heels.

Do you know what you are making for dinner? I was sitting around trying to think of something to make  that would make it seem like a special night and not just another taco Tuesday. Which, by the way, I still am undecided on what I’m actually making for dinner, BUT these little Valentine’s Day side items caught my attention. Now I still have to figure out a main dish to go with one of these but what doesn’t go with heart shaped smores?

These 5 ideas aren’t too difficult and are all heart shaped! OK, well maybe cutting potatoes into heart shapes is not exactly easy but I’m quite certain that your children will all notice and appreciate your efforts.

Anyway, hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day with those that you love and more importantly, I hope you are eating something heart shaped.


  1. From Honey and Birch Rice Krispies 

2. From Climbing Grier Mountain Heart Shaped Pizza Recipe


3. From Dessert Now, Dinner Later Heart Shaped Breadsticks


4. From Daniela’s Blog Heart Shaped Roasted Heart Potatoes

5. From The Cake Blog Heart Shaped S’more Cookies

heart shape cookies

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