6 Holiday Party Planning Tips from a Professional

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The time has come my friends to put on your party planning hats! Does that thought make you stress? It sure does me. I love having people over for dinner or a party but I can’t lie, it does stress me out.

While the house is all Christmas decked out is the perfect time for entertaining. The Christmas tree can fill in for the other house decor that you haven’t been able to catch up on….  And seriously, you don’t want all of your  holiday Pinterest searches, color coordinated ornaments and plaid throw pillow efforts to go to waste.

I reached out to my friend Kristina Taheri for some helpful tips. She is the ultimate party planner, in fact, she does it for a living. Ohhhh the parties, weddings and events she has planned! We met Kristina when she helped us plan our tiny, backyard wedding. It was perfect, except for the unexpected rain storm! Our little suburban backyard transformed into a gourmet dinner party all tied together with white hydrangeas and yellow checked table cloths.

If she had the time I’m sure she could write a book about all of the spectacular parties she has thrown. If you follow her on Instagram (@kteventstyle) you can catch a glimpse into some of her events. Since she is a busy lady, I was very lucky to snag her for these helpful hints. One of my favorites is number 3.


Holiday Entertaining Tips:
How to Plan Your Own Holiday Party Like a Professional!

  1. The Guest list: Mix new and old friends to keep your event lively and the conversation flowing. Although place cards at the dinner table are advisable, they are not always mandatory, depending upon the type and scope of the party. Get those invitations out early, but expect 10-20% of your invitees to decline due to conflicts with other holiday parties.
  2. The Cocktails: No one likes to wait for a drink. Hire a bartender and server for your event if budget allows. Even for a group of 10-12, this will do wonders for your own enjoyment of the party, which always makes your guests feel more at ease. If you forgo the bartender, simplify your cocktail menu with a manageable number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Beware! Prolonging the cocktails past 1½ hours may possibly create a bit of chaos (or even disaster) at your dinner table!
  3. The Music: Whereas live music is always fantastic, you may choose to give a music savvy friend the task of creating a new playlist with 3-5 hours of tunes. You can give them a few adjectives to describe the effect you want your party to have. Always have music playing but don’t overpower your guest’s conversations.
  4. The Ambience: Floral arrangements could be branches, blossoms, fruit or any design element with a certain amount of character. Your guests will appreciate fun, thoughtful or clever table landscapes. Proper lighting is key to having your home look good, and benefits you, the hostess, as well!
  5. The Menu: Though you may not be a caterer, try to be considerate of your guest’s dietary restrictions. Whether you go local or exotic with your menu plan, avoid last minute dish preparations and frantic kitchen clean up.
  6. The Small Details: Don’t forget to light a candle and put out fresh hand towels in the powder room. For a holiday party, it is always stylish to have your guests depart with a warm feeling and a small memento from the evening. And, just remember to relax and enjoy your evening. If something small goes wrong, no one is likely to notice but you!


Feeling inspired? I thought so! Here are a few things to help you get the party started:

Here is Kristina’s information if you need help with your party, trust me, she will make it gorgeous and much less stressful!

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