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My degree is in fashion merchandising, but after staying home for 10 years to raise my boys, I went back to work in a completely unrelated field. My boys are 12 and 15 and they are not into fashion unless its Under Armour sweatshirts or Xbox.

My name is Kelly NeIson, I  grew up in the middle of no where, at  least that’s what I thought.  My dad is a successful farmer in Indiana. I did not want to live in Indiana or be a farmer.

In order for my mom (who also did not want to be a farmer) and I to get out and go shopping, we would travel at least an hour. We love shopping! With 5 kids all getting ” best dressed” in high school, we were not messing around. My dad never, ever went shopping, not even the grocery store.

I went to a Merchandising and design school in Chicago. Currently I live in the burbs, too close to Oak Brook mall. Whenever I get stressed or something comes up where other people might say ” I need a drink” or ” I need a smoke”, I say “I’m going to the mall”. I don’t even have to buy anything, I really like browsing around. Oh fine, yes,  I also say ” I need a drink” from time to time. But drinking and shopping, do not a good combination make.

After meeting my heart’s desire on Match.com (can you believe that?)and marrying last July , so much has changed. Now I am striving to be better about everything. Exercise more and better, eat better (bought a Vitamix), read more (joined a book club), be informed more , be a better mom, pray more, more , more, be positive more, stop beating my children more (oh just kidding, my son is 6’3″, he actually beats me)…. you get the idea. On this quest for better, and for more shopping, I want to share what I find!




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