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at the mall….

Have you heard of ZARA?

It is coming to Oak Brook mall this year and I am totally excited. It is another large store, aimed at younger people (the one’s that short shirts and shorter shorts), with easy to digest prices. It started in Spain in 1975. There are now over 1800 stores world wide.
I know! Don’t you feel like we’ve been left out?
Interesting tid bit, Zara was started and is owned by the third richest man in the world. Yep. And my dad told me there was no money in fashion school.
I actually went to a Zara store in Seville, Spain. Yes, of course I bought stuff and that was a coupla years ago and I still have the stuff. I’ve also gone to the Michigan Ave store BUT OakBrook is way closer.
This is good news ladies. Oh and there is a men’s dept too. And kids, I believe.

This dress is $60 and you can wash it!

What a great skirt!

Being able to wash things is a giant priority for me. If I can’t wash it, I feel like it is for a special occassion! If I buy it, I want to wear it.

The mens’ department is also very “fashion forward”. I don’t believe my husband would wear anything from here. Maybe my 15 year old. He is not fashion forward at ALL but if you pick through you can find some good stuff. Like this sweat shirt is very cool.

cool men’s sweatshirt

I can’t find the opening date so until then we will just have to shop online!


maxed out

Creeping up on March 1st. My girlfriend is making a float for the St Patrick’s Day parade on the 8th, to promote her Lucky Leprechaun race, which is on the 16th. What? We can’t even go outside because it still hurts. As I saw on a Facebook post, why do we live somewhere where the air hurts?? Who is going to watch a parade or run a 5k OUTSIDE?

Moving on….

March is also spring break. Yay!! So to stay optimistic and motivated I am going to focus on that. a lot. like really a lot.

I keep thinking the maxi dress is going to go out-of-style. But since we all love it so much it is here to stay. Such a great way to transition out of the snuggy into spring break. It covers the white ,dry, flaky legs that have been hiding and its like they are out but no one can see them, yet. (We gotta work up to that).

This is a great dinner dress

And this for pool, dinner, tours. I love this, it is loose in the waist area. Another area that has been well hidden under layers of sweaters & sweatshirts and possibly not ready for display, ever.
Everywhere dress

These are so cute! Certainly would go with everything and with that silver metal you can pop on some jewelry and look all polished but still be wearing f-l-a-t-s ( my fav)

Also, bring along some accessories that can go with multiple things. This necklace is fun fun fun! Wear it with your maxi above and then put it on with a tank top and shorts!
This is fun!

Okay back to reality for now, 12 degrees!

{blk/wht dress Nordstrom, orange dress Piperlime, sandals Piperlime, necklace Banana Republic}