The Best Part of a Swim Suit

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The best part of a swim suit, is not the swim suit. It is the COVERUP that is the best part because of course, that’s how you feel comfortable walking around in public, in said swim suit.

A maxi dress coverup elevates your whole status.  Throw on a cool hat and heads will turn. Like “who is she?” It won’t even matter that you haven’t showered, have hairy legs and no makeup. Seriously, do tell the truth, don’t you always look when a lady shows up at the pool in a chic coverup? She looks so put together and cool as a cucumber. Like, ugh, you  cringe and wonder why you wore those stupid shorts that don’t even fit and that old pilled t shirt {again}.

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Also, most importantly, if you have an awesome coverup, (that is actually like a dress) you have many more options available as far as eating. You can cruise into any restaurant straight from the pool/ beach/boat without changing. Then order that cheeseburger and fries you’re craving from all that “fresh air”! (No matter how bloated you are after chowing down it doesn’t even matter!)

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So of course ladies, I am here to help you elevate your pool going status. I shopped all sorts of maxi dresses in all colors and prices.

Also, some lovely chapeau’s to hide that sweaty, frizzy hair.

Click for my dress 

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