Cancun vacation recap

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During the holiday we were blessed with a trip to Mexico with my entire family of 20. This was a gift  to us from my parent’s, for their 50th wedding anniversary! Can you imagine that? Yes, amazing! Seriously, the very fact that we got 20 people in one place at the same time is almost unbelievable. Trust me, it took plenty of planning and a patient travel agent to make this happen. 

The anticipation of a trip is half of the fun. We loved talking about all the fun we would have and of course there was a little fashion stress over not being able to head to the store and buy shorts or sandals in December, which is the worst- month- ever for finding resort wear.

We also planned, in advance, on taking a family picture and that was probably the biggest before-trip-drama- discussion. We all wanted to “blend”, mom wanted us to wear white. Texting was rampant before hand with texts like:

“seriously, what are you wearing for the picture?”

“the dress I ordered DOESN’T even fit!!!”


“Can’t we just get the picture in black and white?!”

Needless to say the all white did not pan out. Dad had to point that out AND announce that we don’t listen.

“I thought we talked about this! Obviously you don’t listen”  

(hahahahahahaha, We are your kids and we are still NOT listening dad) …. BUT despite not listening, despite the pouring rain at our picture appointment time, and despite all of us not wearing white, the picture is just perfect.

Perfect because there we all are, all 20 of us. Our family, our most favorite people in the world, all in one place at one time!

Cancun vacation

Besides getting the picture done and the guys golfing one day, we mostly had no agenda and all just hung out at the pool. As a matter of fact, on the very first morning, my nephew Henry (age 5) fell in the pool, split open his chin and needed stitches. Off they went to the third world, scary hospital in an ambulance. In true Mexico style, the $1,300 bill, scribbled on a post it note, had to be paid in advance!  Five hours later Henry had his chin of stitches and they were happy to return to the hotel via a cab with a driver that did not know where the hotel was!  

Thank goodness the rest of the days were less eventful. 

On Christmas day, we did a $10 gift exchange. Everyone picked a name out of the hat and was handed $10 from mom. The shopping could be done in the hotel gift shop or in the shops in Playa Del Carmen, if you went on that outing. Of course it was meant to be funny because $10 does not go far. As a matter of fact, KN had my mom’s name and he bought her a bag of Lays potato chips for $12!!! (Yeah, he went $2 over but she is the matriarch after all!) 


I’m sure Christmas was a little bit confusing for the little ones as Santa came to the hotel 3 days in a row and didn’t even leave them gifts under the hotel Christmas tree. However, I did manage to have a talk with santa and yes, he delivered! (Wait till you see my purse……)

cancun trip

We stayed at an all inclusive which is the only way it would have worked for this many people and as many different ages. Every night there was entertainment and a band. There were events at the pool, everything from water aerobics to a piñata party.

Our last day there had the best weather and it was the longest time we spent at the pool all together. The little kids miraculously took their naps in pool chairs and Fernando the bartender became our friend. There was also a celebration, not sure of what, in the pool that involved a canoe filled with shots and pineapple drinks. Needless to say, this was the day that had the most laughs. 

pool time We had such a great time and made great memories together. I requested to my mom that we do it every other Christmas and at first she was like yes! Then she remembered that they paid for the trip and then she was like no! hahahaha

Thank you for the trip and the memories mom and dad. Mostly, thank you for staying married for 50 years. Congratulations. Love you to pieces.


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