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An interview with the owner of The Sono, a Chicago Bed and Breakfast

chicago b&b

Are you aware that there are Bed and Breakfasts in big cities like Chicago? I was under the impression that a “B & B” is typically located in a quaint little town, in a historical area or maybe near a coast. Not until my girlfriend Kim quit her job and with her husband and brother,…
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This lady has a job that you haven’t even thought of!

gin drink

What do you want to be when you grow up? Yeah, I have no idea either. However, Laura Johnson does, and she is doing it. Get this ladies: she is a distiller. A WHAT? This young lady makes gin and vodka. She makes liquor. She is brilliant. Why oh why didn’t we think of that?…
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An Interview with Samantha Busch

Samantha Busch

Online shopping? Yes, please!  That’s exactly what Samantha Busch was thinking when she decided to open her online boutique, Shop Murph. Shop Murph is an online boutique that carries fun, trendy, affordable clothes for the everyday girl. Last week I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina, to meet up with Samantha in person. The Shop Murph warehouse…
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Do you know Chubbies?

Chubbies shorts

  If you’re 30 and under, you probably know what Chubbies are. I heard about these shorts from my step-son because he’s in that age range and I unfortunately, am not. I do have to say, when he mentioned this brand, I said excuse me, what did you say? I met up with Kyle Hency,…
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Behind the Scenes at NASCAR: Interview with Johnny McMullin

pit lane nascar

Even if you are not familiar with racing or NASCAR, this guy has a cool job. He doesn’t wear a suit to work and doesn’t sit at a desk all day. He flies all over the country on the company jet and plans the NASCAR race weekends. He has a crazy schedule, but he fit…
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fairlife milk: An Interview with Dairy Farmer Sue McCloskey

fair oaks dairy, sue mccloskey

Why am I writing about a dairy farm? 1. Because everyone drinks milk or knows someone that does. 2. Because this is not an ordinary dairy. 3. Because I want you to see that farmer’s can be cool, just look at Sue in her sequin fox sweater. If you drink milk,  you may have visited…
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Wax & Wick Candle Guys

black amber scent candle

       I heard about a Chicago area candle company called Wax & Wick and reached out to see if we could meet to chat and discuss the candle making business. I think it’s fascinating to meet people that are creative, motivated and want to achieve. (I previously reached out to Chicago area rockstars: Red…
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Red Malt Denim: part 1

lifestyle blog

Have you heard of Red Malt denim before? Prolly not– because it’s brand spanking, cutting edge, new.  Leona and Sam are the owners of this online custom denim shop. You heard me right, custom jeans. Made in Chicago! Do you have a hard time finding jeans that fit? Well, HELLO, this is what we’re talking about….
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{interview} with Tracy Butler

abc7 Tracy Butler

  In order to meet with Tracy Butler, meteorologist at ABC 7,  you need to get up early. Certainly not as early as she gets up. But taking the 6:15 am train is early, it was definitely still dark, it was cold and my hair was still wet, and I didn’t wear gloves. All I…
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