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    Swing by the Michael Kors store Friday between 6-9! Come check out the just arrived fall collection and also to see me, your favorite fashion blogger! 🙂 See you soon! 

Weekend Apple Picking

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This is the time of the year for weekend apple picking! KN and I thought it was the perfect thing to do on a beautiful fall day. Neither of us had been apple picking before so we really didn’t know how it would work. When you arrive and before they let you into the orchard,…
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Family Room before & after

just browsing home

Sharing the before and after pics of my family room today. I can’t believe the difference! It’s a gray rainy day so I guess I felt like posting about something inside! The before pictures are very grainy since they are from the listing of when the house was for sale, but nevertheless you can clearly…
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South Beach Recap

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Last week KN and I flew down to South Beach for 2 reasons! 1. He had a meeting in Miami  2. It was our 3 year anniversary! So why not celebrate with an excellent dinner in Sobe? We ate at The Bazaar which was fabulous! We let the waiter pick our menu, which was great…
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Weekend Recap

chicago lifestyle blogger

How was your weekend? Gosh, aren’t summer weekends just the best? We decided to do some off roading in Chicago for the day on Saturday….  Ok, not really. There is a story about why we have this Jeep with monster tires as a 3rd car, but that doesn’t matter, because oh my gosh, isn’t it…
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4 Home Decor Shopping Websites {you keep forgetting about!}

What do you  shop for online, isn’t it mostly for clothes? Or whatever randomness you buy on Amazon that you can get same day, like a flashlight? I never, ever think of Nordstrom as a place to shop for home decor. Or what about Zara? Williams and Sonoma is hitting it hard too. Urban Outfitters…
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Strawberry fields forever

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 About an hour from our house, right over the border in Wisconsin, is a pick your own berry farm, close to KN’s parents house. We were heading there to take the folks out for lunch so I suggested we leave early and stop for fresh picked strawberries! I have not been strawberry picking since I…
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The Father’s Day Farmer Gift Guide

chicago blogger

Father’s Day is this week! Do you use any Father’s Day gift guides for inspiration? Every website has them from Shopbop to Southern Living. I like to look at them, they make me laugh. Who are these dads that people are buying gifts for? Magically on Father’s Day regular joe dad is transformed into a…
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My Kitchen {Before and After}

  About 3 years ago KN and I bought a house that we knew needed some updating. The house isn’t big or grand and it’s older, but we were excited to personalize it and make it ours. We had such a great time doing it, so much so, that for a minute we thought about…
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The Donut Bar {are you kidding me?!}

just browsing donut bar

    Maybe because it was raining? Or because it was Thursday morning at 8:30? I’m not sure why, but there wasn’t a line and the rumor is that there is always a line and they close when they sell out.  In fact KN and I were so overwhelmed with the Donut Bar selections that…
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