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Memorial Day Salad Recipe

midwest fashion blogger

It’s here! The unofficial start of summer. School is over, the sun is out and Monday is Memorial Day! What are you up to? We are heading out to the lake on Saturday and then driving to Cincinnati on Sunday for a wedding. Yes, 2 weird things in that sentence: 1) Driving. We never drive,…
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Recipe: Chopped Salad with Couscous

salad with couscous

I always bring the “salad”. When we have family dinners, somewhere along the line about 15 years ago, I became the salad girl. My sister in law usually makes the dessert, my brother makes deviled eggs, my sister makes some sort of vegetable or strawberry pretzel “salad” (which is a dessert that you eat with…
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Recipe: Bolognese Pasta Sauce

slow cooker meat sauce

Do you use jar spaghetti sauce? Wouldn’t you love to be able to slip into the conversation over dinner out with your fancy friends that you “make your own sauce”? Like “oh we had homemade bolognese pasta last night, so maybe I’ll go with the filet?” This is the spaghetti sauce recipe for you! I…
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Hot chocolate recipe and comfy clothes!

drostes hot chocolate recipe

Holy smokes has it been cold! I can’t stand it. I made some hot chocolate to bring a few light hearted happy moment to an otherwise long and freezing {high of 5 degrees} Sunday. This is real, old fashioned hot chocolate, made with {of course} dutch chocolate. I mean, are you seriously making those packets…
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Broccoli Cheese Soup

broccoli cheese soup with frozen vegetables

Don’t you hate it when you don’t have enough ingredients to slap dinner together?  I have a back up solution for you. Keep these ingredients in your freezer and you can be ready at anytime to whip up some broccoli cheese soup. {Especially this Sunday when the deep freeze sets in.} This recipe tastes very…
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Almond Cookies

cookie recipe

If it has almond flavoring or almond paste or almond anything, I have come to realize that it is hard for me to stop eating it. (Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch and the Dutch eat banket?)  So with that in mind and staying true to my affinity for making things that are easy, I whipped…
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Recipe: Moscow Mule

moscow mule recipe

  I thought I would share KN’s secret recipe for a Moscow Mule just in time for the holidays (or just in time for cabin fever). After trying them at many, many, places (for research purposes only, of course) we determined that his recipe is definitely the best. He has tried different versions and now…
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Easy lemon bar recipe

lemon bar recipe

*to view the post on the website and see the full images, click on the title* I know everyone is already talking about the stinking pumpkin spice latte and apples and booties, so how does a lemon bar fit into all this fall business? 

Farmer’s market salad {recipe}

salad recipe

Ugh here we go,  another salad recipe. I love salad, it’s all your healthy stuff in one bowl, no guilt. Dinner is so easy if you just grill a piece of chicken or steak and have an awesome salad, sit outside and enjoy summer. The ingredients in this are all fresh from the farmer’s market…
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Blueberry season {salad recipe}

blueberry salad recipe

Do you only put blueberries in your pancakes or cereal? How about in a salad? I have a recipe for you! I also like to freeze them. We make a shake every morning, after we throw in the kale, carrots and celery, we throw in fruit to make it bearable. Frozen fruit works best and…
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