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coolest hotel

Now that I have your attention….

Last weekend we were in Palm Springs, it was my first time in this mid century, stylish, desert town. What a fun time we had with the executive team from Just-Browsing, oh ha, right, I mean KN’s company. Anyway, we met at the Parker Hotel for drinks one night, but before drinks we took a look around the hotel, which is crazeeeee cool. I was pretty excited that I wore the coolest jeans I own to this cool spot. It was a perfect place for pictures. Around every turn there was something to check out. 


coolest hotel Palm Springs

The entire vibe is retro, sexy, 1960’s decor. At least I think it is? Maybe there’s some 70’s too? I don’t know. The lobby has a big sign that says ‘drugs’ and the pillows on the couch say ‘LSD’ and ‘Opium’. S0 maybe not a hotel to bring kids that can read. (Speaking of, Robert Downey Jr was arrested here in 2000 for drug possession…)

These enormous, orange  front doors! Let me tell you, to get a picture here without someone in it was almost impossible. After all, it is the entrance to the hotel, there was a wedding reception starting and it was a Coachella weekend and this is where the swanky folks like to stay. 


palm springs hotel




Coolest Palazzo jean




Parker Palm Springs

Take a close look at those pillows!

Besides stopping by to check out the coolest hotel, I recommend taking the tram to the top of the mountain as well. The views are amazing and the fresh mountain air is revitalizing. There was even some snow up there which was so cool to see when we had minutes before, been in 100 degree temps.

Also, hiking here is great. Since the day heats up quickly, it’s best to do it early in the morning. KN and I tried it out 2 mornings in a row. I was scared we would see a rattle snake but it seemed like there were enough people already out on the trails that the snakes had been scared off, because thank goodness, the scariest thing we saw were ants.

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