easy baked doughnuts

Okay, so I have never been accused of being the first to do anything. I know these doughnut pans have been around for awhile but I just finally purchased them.
Now the question is, what was I waiting for??
Maybe I have mentioned that I prefer cooking/baking to land somewhere on the easy to easier scale.

These, my friends, are easier.

All you need is 2 doughnut pans, a box mix, an egg, butter, milk. Blend it up, put it in the pan and bake for ten minutes.

Voila! Donuts! {I do not lie about e-a-s-y people.}

I used the Stonewall Kitchens pumpkin mix with maple glaze. There are also other varieties: red velvet, chocolate, buttermilk, cinnamon….And even if you don’t use a mix, the actual recipe that comes right on the packaging of the Wilton pan is also very easy.

{And then there is Google where you will find exactly one million recipes for baked doughnuts}

These little nuggets were soft and fluffy and delish. KN ate 3 while they were still warm and he doesn’t even prefer pumpkin.

To make it easier to get the dough into the pan, I spooned it into a plastic baggie and cut the corner off and piped it in.

One more tip, they are kind of made to be eaten the same day. We had a couple left over and the next day the glaze soaked into the cake which made them not near as pretty.








Let me know if you try it out and what flavor is the best! Next time, we are making chocolate!

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