You should be wearing gingham!

At some point in our lives we have all worn gingham. It’s a classic, I mean there are so many ways to wear it! However, if the last time you wore it was when you were under 10 and it involved a dress and smocking, it really is time to try it again. 


Usually gingham is affiliated with the preppy type, an apron, or the lining in a picnic basket. But as you can see, this little ruffle jacket, styled with jeans and a graphic tee isn’t any of those things. (I don’t have an apron because I prefer to keep cooking to a minimum….) As a matter of fact, we even took these pictures in a restaurant! 

This restaurant was in the hotel we stayed at this past weekend in Delafield, Wisconsin. We were there for family weekend at my son’s school. On Saturday night there was a dinner, a fund raiser, and a silent auction. We scored a couple of fun things to give to my son for graduation, which is in 26 days. Cue the tears…

On Sunday, my son received a promotion to Captain! What an honor. This doesn’t mean a lot to us civilians, but it means the world to him. He worked hard for it! It’s the perfect way for him to end his high school career. So crazy proud of this kid.

Anyway, I know I got off topic, but I do think you should have some gingham in your life. For this reason, I thought I would make it easy on you! Below I rounded up all sorts of ways to incorporate some gingham into your wardrobe, even underwear.

Just click the pictures to shop!

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