It’s a Match


Since it is our 2 year anniversary this weekend, I thought I would share my love story, how I met my husband. The biggest surprise for people when we share our story is that we met on! Yes, it is true! {This is not a sponsored post, but it should be -Match!}

This is a second marriage for us both, we both were divorced for many years and we both spent time dating. For the most part, dating is dreadful, hurtful, unpredictable and stressful. 

I joined Match and didn’t know if I should cry or laugh until I cried, about the online dating situation.  Either way, there was definitely crying involved. If you don’t know how it works, after you fill out your profile, the website will try and match you up with people. You can message these people online, make a connection and then choose to either meet in person or move on.  Needless to say, there are a few liar, liar pants on fire. 

I went rogue and searched the website on my own. I found “wakeboarder210”, read his profile and messaged him. His profile of what he was looking for was exactly what I was not. His profile said he was looking for someone: 1) with a career 2) no kids or older kids 3) older than myself.  

And there was no response……

After a couple weeks and another drink with a big fat liar, that said he played tennis (which you can’t do when you are almost unable to walk), and was 10 years older than his profile picture,  I messaged “wakeboarder210” again. 

This is sort of what I said in my message, to the hot guy, whose profile I did not match: “I’m assuming that you did not respond to my first message because you were intimidated and couldn’t believe someone like me was reaching out to you. But, you need to know this about me: I have all my teeth, I have a job, I do not have a cat, I eat meat, my profile picture is current, I have no credit card debt.”

THEN HE RESPONDED!! Said he like my humor and my persistence. {ha ha others would have said desperation}.

kelly_keith_reception_01BWWe messaged a few times, talked on the phone and set up a date at Gibson’s. Now, I usually would have just met for a drink, because you don’t want to get locked into an entire dinner with a stranger who is nothing like he said he was. BUT we met for dinner. And I fell in love. 

We met for dinner again a few days later, and then the next weekend, and were engaged 6 months later. We got married in our backyard on the exact day we met, one year later. 

I swore I would never get married again unless I met someone where I could say there were “no buts” about him. For example, “he has a great job but” or “he is gorgeous but” “he loves me but“….

We have been together every single day for 3 years and there has not been one day, or one second that I said “but“. 

Every day I thank God for blessing me with this man.

I love you with all my heart KN, no buts about it.




  {photographs by John Troxel}

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