You should be wearing gingham!

At some point in our lives we have all worn gingham. It’s a classic, I mean there are so many ways to wear it! However, if the last time you wore it was when you were under 10 and it involved a dress and smocking, it really is time to try it again. 


Usually gingham is affiliated with the preppy type, an apron, or the lining in a picnic basket. But as you can see, this little ruffle jacket, styled with jeans and a graphic tee isn’t any of those things. (I don’t have an apron because I prefer to keep cooking to a minimum….) As a matter of fact, we even took these pictures in a restaurant! 

This restaurant was in the hotel we stayed at this past weekend in Delafield, Wisconsin. We were there for family weekend at my son’s school. On Saturday night there was a dinner, a fund raiser, and a silent auction. We scored a couple of fun things to give to my son for graduation, which is in 26 days. Cue the tears…

On Sunday, my son received a promotion to Captain! What an honor. This doesn’t mean a lot to us civilians, but it means the world to him. He worked hard for it! It’s the perfect way for him to end his high school career. So crazy proud of this kid.

Anyway, I know I got off topic, but I do think you should have some gingham in your life. For this reason, I thought I would make it easy on you! Below I rounded up all sorts of ways to incorporate some gingham into your wardrobe, even underwear.

Just click the pictures to shop!

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The coolest jeans at the coolest hotel

coolest hotel

Now that I have your attention…. Last weekend we were in Palm Springs, it was my first time in this mid century, stylish, desert town. What a fun time we had with the executive team from Just-Browsing, oh ha, right, I mean KN’s company. Anyway, we met at the Parker Hotel for drinks one night,…
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Lady in Red

red is my favorite color

Last year I tried to get to the flower fields in Carlsbad but the timing never really worked. In fact, the flower fields are only open from March to early May. This year, however, we hit the nail on the head when we happened to be in San Diego in mid March!  The flowers are…
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This lady has a job that you haven’t even thought of!

gin drink

What do you want to be when you grow up? Yeah, I have no idea either. However, Laura Johnson does, and she is doing it. Get this ladies: she is a distiller. A WHAT? This young lady makes gin and vodka. She makes liquor. She is brilliant. Why oh why didn’t we think of that?…
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Outfit Inspiration: Cuba


  Since I already wrote a little recap of our vacation here, it’s time to get to business and start talking about what I wore! Of course, the weather was sunny and warm, so I was excited to bring along lightweight, comfortable clothes for walking around Havana. As much as I’d like to have a savage tan,…
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Our Cuba Vacation

Cuba Vacation

When I tell people that we did a spring break vacation to Cuba, their response has been “oh wow!” A friend at tennis even laughed and said “Oh, I’ve never heard someone say that before!” Seriously, that is exactly why we wanted to go. It is different, in fact, the culture in Cuba is unlike…
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5 shoes that should be in your suitcase for spring break


   Spring is here and so is spring break!  Hopefully you’ll be spending it somewhere warm? Since my boys will be gone with their dad, KN and I are taking our own spring break to Cuba! Yes, hello communism! I- CANNOT-WAIT! However, we are a bit nervous because it’s not as easy as you’d think…
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6 raw hem high rise jeans

Kelly Rae Nelson

Overnight I’ve become obsessed with ultra high rise jeans, otherwise, known as mom jeans. Not only are they mom jeans but they are also dad jeans. These jeans are made of the thick, stiff, old school denim, like the jeans my dad used to wear to work. Don’t know what caused the surge but I’ve…
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An Interview with Samantha Busch

Samantha Busch

Online shopping? Yes, please!  That’s exactly what Samantha Busch was thinking when she decided to open her online boutique, Shop Murph. Shop Murph is an online boutique that carries fun, trendy, affordable clothes for the everyday girl. Last week I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina, to meet up with Samantha in person. The Shop Murph warehouse…
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Track Pants

kelly rae nelson

There’s something to be said for pull on pants that are considered cool dress pants and not grandma pants. The elastic waist is just the best, I mean really, isn’t that one of the reasons we love wearing “yoga” pants everywhere? These white track pants are gorgeous with the silver snaps down the sides. (…
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