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img_4907The first year that I heard about healthy shakes {i.e. kale shakes} yeah, pretty much that was a big eye roll, whatever trevor, I am not drinking that. What can a salad possibly taste like in shake form? My jaw is not wired shut so I will keep the greens in the salad and the chocolate in my shake.

Well, well. Never say never.

I know I mentioned that we drink kale shakes in my last post and KN suggested that I do a post about it.

Yes, we drink them.

Do we love them?  NO.

I love chocolate malts from Oberwies.

Anyway, this is why we do it and this is why it is so popular:

1.)  Why kale? Chewing it is gross. When you pulverize it and mix it with other stuff you do not taste it much.

Why is it good for you: Calcium, Vitamin A, C, K. Anti cancer and eye health to name a few.

2.) Why carrots? Carrots have absolutely no flavor in a shake. Seriously.

Why is it good for you {in case you forgot}: Beta carotene, potassium, fiber-digestion, alkaline (purifies the blood), colon health, to name a few.

3.) Why celery? Vitamin C, Fiber, antioxidant, magnesium, anti inflammatory, alkaline.

4.)Why Vitamin D drops? You CANNOT get enough vitamin D from food. Although the jury is still out on whether supplements work or not, we choose to add it. Vitamin D is needed to aid in calcium absorption. Got these drops at the health food store, also tasteless in the shake.

5.) Why honey? { it certainly helps the shake taste better for one} I am not talking about the honey in the bear, real honey that hasn’t been watered down with added sugar is really good for you. It needs to be raw and state 100% pure. Honey reduces inflammation, fights infection, aids in digestion…..and it is delicious!

6.) You already know the benefits of fruit. We change it up with different things, usually we use frozen berries, bananas, pineapple, mango, apple, grapes. This is what makes the taste of the shake bearable.

7.) Chia seeds. For calcium, magnesium, iron, protein, vitamins A, B, D and E, as well as fiber and Omega 3s. They will help control your appetite because they keep you feeling full longer, lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes, and improve bone health.

8.) Liquid. We use different things depending on what is in the fridge. Coconut water, pomegranate juice, fresh squeezed oj that you can get from Jewel now, almond milk, water…

9.) Protein. We sometimes add protein powder, or natural peanut butter or or almond butter.

10). Ice. This would be disgusting if it wasn’t really cold.

That’s the basic jist of it. There are millions of “recipes” but you can just throw stuff in and blend, it doesn’t need to be measured out. Sometimes I have to have a coffee chaser with mine. I always use a straw and if the shake is swamp green- brown then it definitely goes in a cup that I can’t see in with a lid.

There are other things I want to use to switch it up and maximize my vitamin potential {spirulina, acai powder green tea powder etc etc). The health food store has so many options. However, it took time to get where we are at and I think we are on a good roll. There is no way, no how that I could possible eat kale, carrots, celery, bananas and strawberries etc, in one day, at least 4 or 5 days a week, without this shake. I totally recommend trying it out if you have not.
{and if you are on the fence about a Vitamix, get one, it’s awesome.}

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