spinach salad with sweet potatoes

spinach and sweet potato salad

  Do you have your menu ready for the big day? Or are you “bringing” something? How about an awesome, beautiful chock- full of goodies-salad? Everyone will be impressed and it is quite delicious and healthy. I actually made this for Thanksgiving. It takes a bit of work, so it is kind of a special occasion…
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raspberry lettuce salad

lettuce salad with raspberries

For some odd reason, I have become known for my salads. I believe it started 15 years ago, with family get togethers. The thought of making and baking a vegetable casserole,  trying to keep it warm,  keeping it from sliding around the back of the car, and driving it to Indiana, always sounded too challenging….
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I prefer easy-peasy cooking. Well, actually that’s a total lie. I prefer no-cooking. But it happens everyday, Kids: “what’s for dinner?” Me: “It’s only 5:00, I have no idea”. Dinner!? You mean you want to eat dinner again today? We just ate dinner yesterday. AARRRGGG. I made this casserole because it was cold & rainy…
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