5 Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Recipes

valentine's day outfit

Since Valentine’s day falls on a Tuesday, I’m imagining that most of us will be eating at home in yoga pants and not out in fancy red dresses and heels. Do you know what you are making for dinner? I was sitting around trying to think of something to make  that would make it seem…
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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

recipe for cookies

On Sunday afternoon I was totally craving fresh baked cookies. Usually, like every single time I bake, I make the predictable Toll House chocolate chip cookies. I was rooting around in the kitchen and KN asked me what I was up to. Very cordially, after I said “making cookies”….. he suggested I make something different…
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Hot Chocolate Cookies

delicious chocolate cookies

        What’s better on a cold day than hot chocolate? How about hot chocolate cookies!!! I am preparing for the cold blast this weekend by baking these up.They are chocolatey goodness with some gooey marshmallows melted inside. Can’t wait to have my family all together, bundled up on the couch in front…
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Easy & Fast Desserts

backyard party

Don’t feel like spending time in the kitchen but want to make something delicious, cute and preferably fast and easy? {my mantra for cooking} Hello, this is for you! I invited a couple of blogger gals over for wine and dessert in my backyard because I love -summer-so-freaking-much! Well that, and I like to meet…
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Almond Cookies

cookie recipe

If it has almond flavoring or almond paste or almond anything, I have come to realize that it is hard for me to stop eating it. (Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch and the Dutch eat banket?)  So with that in mind and staying true to my affinity for making things that are easy, I whipped…
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Easy lemon bar recipe

lemon bar recipe

*to view the post on the website and see the full images, click on the title* I know everyone is already talking about the stinking pumpkin spice latte and apples and booties, so how does a lemon bar fit into all this fall business? 

Blondie bars

Looking for an easy, fun, cute way to serve dessert? These are perfect! I had a dinner party at our house and it just seemed like I should have dessert but I knew I did not want it to be fussy. I was not going to haul out more dishes and silverware at this point…
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easy as pie

easy strawberry pie recipe

Obvs you know, it’s strawberry season. Instagram is chock full of strawberry pics from the farmer’s market. Even guacamole at the Mexican restaurant has strawberries in it. This is the time of year that you realize that the grocery store has fooled you into believing that strawberries are gigantic, tasteless, hard fruit. A real strawberry…
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easy baked doughnuts

Okay, so I have never been accused of being the first to do anything. I know these doughnut pans have been around for awhile but I just finally purchased them. Now the question is, what was I waiting for?? Maybe I have mentioned that I prefer cooking/baking to land somewhere on the easy to easier…
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Pumpkin Muffins

muffin recipe

Maybe I jumped the gun a little bit with the pumpkin, as it is still August, but ya know, Libby’s is available all year…. I needed to bring a “breakfast item” to a parent, back to school, open house. As much as I wanted to swing through Dunkin Donuts for some donut holes, I thought…
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