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black amber scent candle I heard about a Chicago area candle company called Wax & Wick and reached out to see if we could meet to chat and discuss the candle making business. I think it’s fascinating to meet people that are creative, motivated and want to achieve. (I previously reached out to Chicago area rockstars: Red Malt Denim, ABC 7 Tracy Butler and Fairlife Milk is coming soon.)

Coordinating this meeting was difficult because: 1) there are three guys 2) they don’t live near each other and 3) they all work full time in very non-candle related businesses. These guys were the most unsuspecting characters!  The website said that the candles were for men and they were made by men. I really did not expect to see these macho, rugged, 2 beards and a mustache walk in. 

Garrett, Kevin and Joe are regular, guy next door, let’s meet for a beer, manly men. They are not looking to quit their day jobs to go into the full time candle making world.  Their careers are diverse, as in a business owner, an IT guy, and a tattoo shop owner/building engineer.   

So why candles? Oh, they have done their research. I didn’t write down the stats they were spouting off, but to put it simply, everyone has a candle in their house and they want you to have one of their candles in your house.  After researching and discussing their idea, they decided to try and pour the candles right in their own houses. It was not an easy task to get the candles to smell, burn and look the way they wanted, such as, keeping the wax from separating from the glass, having the wax dry evenly and achieving a scent they agreed on. 

Speaking of scent. A big part of their driving force was creating scents that men would enjoy. That is where the “candles for men” came into play. Wax & Wick does not have rosey- flower and sugar -candy scents. Think rustic, smokey, vanilla, whiskey and even earth. 

Their candles are made from pure soy. I’d heard about this soy business before but I sort of thought it just meant that the candle would smell better or last longer. I didn’t know that candles that are not 100% pure soy, have ingredients such as paraffin. Do you know what paraffin is?

Here is the definition:

a flammable, whitish, translucent, waxy solid consisting of a mixture of saturated hydrocarbons, obtained by distillation from petroleum or shale and used in candles, cosmetics, polishes, and sealing and waterproofing compounds.

I don’t want to burn any petroleum based products in my house so straightaway after this meeting I cleaned out the candle cabinet and tossed a few.

These guys are inspirational, adding this handcrafted, candle business to their resume. It was a pleasure to meet them and find a minute to chat when their schedules are full with business and family. As part of their learning process, they have removed the “candles for men” slogan because even though men enjoy candles, their research has told them that women are the ones who buy them!

If you are looking for a recommendation, I have been enjoying a few different scents from Wax & Wick.  I have not tried them all but my personal favorite is the Black Amber and then second would be the Cedar and Vanilla.  I love the contemporary, simple black jar- looks great on my coffee table!


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