This lady has a job that you haven’t even thought of!

You & Yours

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Yeah, I have no idea either. However, Laura Johnson does, and she is doing it. Get this ladies: she is a distiller. A WHAT? This young lady makes gin and vodka. She makes liquor. She is brilliant. Why oh why didn’t we think of that?

San Diego bar
Laura Johnson of You & Yours

Laura makes vodka and gin in the back room of her urban tasting bar in San Diego, named You & Yours.  She designed her own distiller “machine” and puts it to work making her custom blends. She spent time after college graduation researching and meeting other distillers, in continuing education classes for distilling operations, and learning from anyone that would take the time to help her in her quest. 

San Diego gin bar
You & Yours San Diego

You & Yours just opened in March (2017). Besides learning how to actually make  liquor, designing a machine to create it, having a bar to sell it, there needs to be capital. Laura also did this on her own. From the ground up, her and her partner Luke, have done all of the work. She said she didn’t have a problem finding  investors, the hard part was actually getting the money. “Getting the actual money transferred into my account was the hardest part!” 

San Diego You and Yours

Honesty is the best policy, so I told Laura that I don’t like gin. “This gin is different, it’s mild, not evergreen tree” she said. The flavors of her Sunday gin are: grapefruit, rosehip, orange, coriander and juniper, which are displayed on the label. Therefore as they say, when in Rome, I tried a beautiful gin drink. Not only was it beautiful, it was smooth and did not make me think of Christmas. I actually enjoyed it! So now I can say that I drink gin. Well, at least Laura’s, You & Yours Sunday gin!

gin drink

The menu at the tasting bar is a fun read. There are drinks with names like Side Salad, Daddy Don’t make Dinner and Little Bunny foo foo! The story behind Daddy don’t make dinner has to do with her dad, of course. Their family knew when daddy had a certain drink that he would not be cooking and he would be telling them what time the dinner reservations were!

The handcrafted cocktails are little works of art. Nothing is overlooked. Garnishes from an actual rose, tiny baby carrots and fresh rosemary are just a few items on hand. If you don’t see something on the menu that you desire they are happy to make anything you like or to give creative suggestions based on your tastes. And speaking of, if you first want to do a tasting of the delicious gin and vodka, not in a mixed drink, they have that too. 

drinks in San Diego

distiller bar


Since we thoroughly enjoyed our cocktails, we decided to take some spirits home with us! Laura is working with distributors, so hopefully soon we’ll be able to stop by the local liquor store and pick up a bottle of Sunday gin. Otherwise, if you live in San Diego stop in and say hi or call up the store and have them ship it to you!

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