Hi! I’m Kelly


We’ve all said it, “no thanks, I’m just browsing” and that is how this all started.

I love navigating through life with a cute outfit. That very fact may actually make me a serial shopper. I believe it started at a young age, (so it’s actually my mom’s fault!) way back when I lived in what I thought was “the middle of no where” Indiana.

Some basic facts about me:

*I live in Elmhurst, IL, a wonderful suburb of Chicago.

* I’ve been married to the man of my dreams for 8 years, we met on Match.com if you can believe it!

*I am a proud mom of 2 boys, a step-daughter, a stepson and his wife.

*Being fit and eating relatively healthy is a necessary part of my daily life

*We travel a lot. A benefit of having adult kids. We can just pick up and leave whenever we want

*I am not afraid of having needles stuck into my face if it will counteract the forces of gravity.

*Slightly obsessed with always having an empty laundry basket

*I am 50 years old

Life is not perfect, mine surely hasn’t been, but you can have a perfect outfit

 Thank you for stopping by.