Anthropologie Sale! (25% off e’ry single thang!)

anthro 25% off sale

The Anthropologie website isn’t small, so it takes forever to search through every single thing (which is exactly what I did). Therefore, you should be thrilled that I narrowed in on what I WANT and what I HAVE and what you NEED from the sale. This is a huge time saver, 25% off is a good sale gurrrl! Start shopping the Anthro sale straight away. 

First off:

Starting with shoes. OMG, they have the best unique shoes, but I know that isn’t practical, so here are my picks:



Sweaters. This amazing weather will not last and we will be reaching for anything and everything to keep us warm. Get a sweater. {chenille sweater pictured above, click here.}



We cannot wear jeans everyday, right? Spice things up with a skirt or some fun pants.



We need something to wear on the TOP. Here are a few cute tops to wear with your new shoes…



Here are some things, (that I have shown you previously) that are included in the Anthropologie sale: (obvsly I LOVE this store…)

This skirt:

dressed up midi skirt

Shop it here: Colorful Midi Skirt


I am obsessed with graphic t-shirts. I’m not a talkative gal, maybe thats why? Words and heart on my sleeve, or t-shirt.

anthro sale

Shop it here: Níce T-shirt

 I also have this tee and this amazing striped cardigan:

anthropologie sale

Shop the Mercí t-shirt here and cardigan here.

These sort of biker boots are a little bit tough but not too much. I think they’re extremely versatile.

I love them. Now they are on the Anthropologie sale of course! {curses}

anthropologie sale

Shop these bad boys here: Boots

This could go on and on but I have to put a stop to it. KN is like “how long are you going to be on that website…..” “Wellllllll, I can’t decide, I want e’vry thing!!!” Oh my gosh even the candles and all that are on sale! 




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