Wear All Day Super Cute Workout Outfit

all day workout outfit

Somedays taking a shower after the gym doesn’t happen. If I’m already out of the house I prefer to hit the grocery store and run a few errands after my work out. These are the days that I love wearing a comfortable, cute workout outfit to still look put together while out and about. 

gym clothes


all day outfit

I prefer to workout in the morning, first thing. Always first thing. This is the only way that I will not have something else come up that sounds better than working out {this could be anything at all, like oh um cleaning the toilets sounds better than the gym some days!} 

all day gym outfit

I used to be a runner but now I’m not. It’s the ‘ol “my knee” or “my hip” thing. The farthest I run now is maybe 2-3 miles and that’s on a treadmill at Orange Theory, because basically, they make you do it. lol

That’s why I go there—peer pressure. Doing cardio on the rower and the treadmill right next to someone else that is just killing it…. So Much Pressure!!

Also, most importantly, high intensity interval training is crazy good for you. Read this study. No seriously, read it, it has to do with aging.

all day workout outfit

On the days that I don’t go to Orange Theory, I go to TFW. TFW stands for Training for Warriors. {I’ve been going here for years, because of Josh, I had to put that in here!)  Anyway, this is for weight training. Front squats, back squats, dead lifts, overhead press…all of the things that are so hard and I hate and grunt about, but are SO, SO IMPORTANT to do for strong bones and muscles. Weight bearing exercises prevent osteoporosis ladies! (More on that here.)

Enough about exercise. How about cute workout outfits? Now we’re talking. There are a ton of options in this category. I just came across this brand, called Shape, which I think may be affiliated with Shape magazine. Super cute stuff that is actually a bit less expensive than that place at the mall that starts with L. This is the sort of outfit that definitely looks cute all day long. 


Shop the goods here: Jacket, t-shirt, leggings, tank top, backpack 


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