I Hit the Fall Wall

fall fashion


flannel wide leg pants


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Not sure if it’s the change of seasons, that I need a kick in the pants, or what my problem is exactly, but I hit the blogging wall. We are talking checked out. I’m finding it extremely hard to motivate to do any part of it.

Have you had this happen about anything? Like, it’s all good, good, good and then bam one day the feels are all different. 

In general, I’m a very private person. Private mostly because I feel like the more information that people have about you, the more reasons and opportunities they have to judge you.

We all do it.

I do it.

The problem with blogging is that the biggest part of blogging is sharing A LOT. That’s what hooks people. You tell them that you’re getting a new couch and they want to see it in your house. If you get sick of your kids, they want to hear about it. That is the entire point. To let people have a glance into your life, even if it’s mostly only the pretty stuff.

At my dinner party last Friday, my girlfriends were like “why aren’t you blogging this?” “You also need to blog your bathroom makeover!” and I’m over here like “ugh….why? no one can possibly care about these things!” Even my hairstylist couldn’t believe I didn’t show my amazing hair do, for last Saturday’s event, on Instagram. The entire time I’m just thinking people have more interesting things to see and read than anything I’ve got to say.

Not sure where this post is even headed. Just wanted to let you know Just-Browsing is on the struggle bus. Maybe you’ve taken a ride on it yourself. {I believe we’re all more alike then we like to think!}

So in actuality, this is a personal post, I’m so proud of myself for sharing……lol

P.S. If you have any helpful motivational tips–send them on over! 

wide leg pants


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fall fashion

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