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I wanted to share a few skincare products that I am currently using and loving. There are so many products available, it’s just so overwhelming! Of course I’m hot on the anti-aging trail. Like, slow this bullet train down. This is a narrowed down list to include current products I am enjoying. (Trust me, there are more products currently cluttering every flat surface on my bathroom counter, but we don’t have time for that!)

I always wonder what’s in the medicine cabinet of people with glowing, non- blotchy skin? Did they just get lucky? My suspicion is that there may be a bit of luck but also their bathroom counter is probably overflowing with different products as well. Luck is not enough because  even the very air we live in is breaking our skin down.

Air pollution is aging us not only outside but even when we are indoors! Things in our houses, such as furniture and insulation contribute to air pollution.”Air pollutants rob skin cells of oxygen, which can make the skin look dull and sagging.” according to this article.


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These are 2 things that are not optional in a skincare routine:

 A Retinol and Eye cream.

First: Every night I use a retinol. There are different percentages to chose from based on how sensitive your skin is. Currently, I use an over the counter 1% from ZO Medical {I think my next step is a prescription strength!}. This is what a retinoid does: “The term describes vitamin A derivatives that unclog pores, boost collagen to reduce fine lines, and speed cell turnover to even out discoloration and smooth the skin—sometimes in as little as four weeks. “  Who doesn’t need this??

Shop here: ZO Medical Brightenex 1% retinol

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Second: Eye cream is essential since the skin around the eye is so thin, it definitely needs t.l.c. All that laughing that is healthy for long life, unfortunately, creates all those little lines around your eyes. This Rodial snake eye cream is amazing. I mean, I’m sorry, I have to admit that I really hate snakes but if they help my wrinkle situation, then I’ll make an exception. But seriously, this eye cream is loaded with good stuff to de puff, lighten dark circles, smooth out wrinkles and it’s super smooth going on.  I use it day and night!

Shop here: Rodial snake eye cream

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Other essential products:


For those of you that do not have gorgeous long eyelashes, you’re a fool to not be using this Rodan & Fields Lash boost. This stuff works 100%. Within a few days my lashes were already longer. I bought a tube for my mom as well, who just assumed that her eyelash days were behind her. She just started and is already seeing results! {Keep in mind, I do not sell this stuff and I am not even telling you someone that does, just to prove that I am serious!}

Skin Hydration

I’m not sure how to pronounce it, but hyaluronic acid helps your skin retain moisture. Of course, we all know that dry skin looks old, so we continue to moisturize like crazy to avoid this. This Dragon’s blood hyaluronic tonic is perfect to use after applying your moisturizer and make up, it sort of sets it in place, and keeps your skin plumped up. It feels good going on, especially after a hard workout when your skin is hot and red. I’ve never used a toner because I didn’t need one more step and also, a place for cotton balls. This one, you just spray it right on your face and I find myself misting my face throughout the day now! 

Shop here: Radial dragon’s blood hyaluronic toner


Another aging problem is loss of volume in the lips. My lips have always been full so I never worried about it much. Now I’m starting to see more lines in my lips but I am not heading out for filler. I love to apply a lip plumper which temporarily takes care of those little lines. This plumper is glossy by itself or great under lipstick, it smells good and is always in my purse.

Shop here: Rodial dragon’s blood XXL lip plumper

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Trying something entirely different:

Skin firming booster

By now you have heard about micro needling, right? It’s been around for awhile and I thought it was some weird fad that would pass. Well, it didn’t pass so I decided to get on board. The micro needler  that I bought is also a Rodan & Fields product, {which I do not sell}. I just started using it so I am not sure about the results yet. Seriously, I should take a before picture because about a million people have posted before and after pictures. If the million pictures out there are real, then it seems like it really works!!! (PS it does hurt a little bit, I mean I guess it is actually needles…)

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{If you are interested in Rodan & Field’s products, you need a rep. Don’t know one? Send me a message and I’ll hook you up with one.}

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Thank you to Rodial for partnering with me in this post!





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