Velvet at the Brooklyn Bridge

holiday velvet

Maybe you’ve started to hear more about Brooklyn as a hipster, changing, “place to be” area. Well, we heard and since we are hipsters….. we thought we would check it out……


Brooklyn Bridge


holiday velvet

It was such a great choice! We’ve stayed in many of the different areas of Manhattan: Soho, Times Square , Meatpacking, so this time we ventured out over the bridge. It was super cool! Our hotel had such an amazing view of the city and the bridges. The best part was being able to experience busy, crazy Manhattan but then experience the much less hectic Brooklyn as well. 

velvet pants and faux fur

Brooklyn travel style

We took these pictures at the dock which was right next to the hotel. Right there, on this dock, you could grab the ferry straight to the other side at Wall Street. We really contemplated it, but since it was 20 degrees and super windy, (but mostly because  the concierge offered up the driver in the Tesla), we opted out. I can say cruising into downtown via car and driver was pretty sweet. However, I do have to tell ya, we decided to get really into the gritty city spirit and take the subway back. 

We started out having breakfast at Bluestone Lane in the West Village. Great place for a healthy breakfast and a delicious latte. There are multiple locations, including Brooklyn. This one was teeny tiny. That’s one thing you forget about, there is no space in NY for anything. The servers actually went out the front door with the dirty dishes and took them around the corner to some mystery place to be washed.

After shopping and walking in Central Park, we ended up at The Plaza for lunch. Although the Palm Court is known for it’s high tea and Eloise hot chocolate, we passed and shared the sliders.

Walking down Fifth Ave was busy and freezing. We stopped to see The Blue Box Cafe in Tiffany’s. I tried, from the very first day it opened, to get a reservation. The concierge tried relentlessly for us as well, but it just didn’t happen. 

We went to the Holiday Market in Grand Central Station and that’s when we decided to take the subway back to the hotel. It was such an interesting thing to do for so many reasons. Weird also, because the day before was the day that the guy with the failed homemade bomb tried to blow up in the subway. 

Three trains to get back. I would never have attempted this my first time or second or third by myself! We literally, at one stop, walked out of one train and quickly straight into another. It ended up being awesome because it was so fast and it was $6. The Uber would’ve been an hour and $60.

I had to deep breathe and go to my happy place a few times because I am claustrophobic and I started to feel a little panic creeping in. (Like OMG we are locked in this train, in a black tunnel, under the river and yesterday a guy tried to blow it up……)

A couple recommendations for you:

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I also wore faux fur here and my favorite wide leg pants here. Apparently I have a theme this holiday season! 

brookly trip

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